GEAR TO TAKE ON A TRIPtramping gear

Day Trips 

•  Good back pack of adequate capacity

•  Waterproof liner/dry bags for inside the pack, or pack cover

•  Boots or strong shoes adequate for the terrain

•  Walking clothes - shorts and top (quick dry and not cotton. No jeans)

•  Fleece or woollen/merino jersey

•  Wind and waterproof raincoat or parka. 

•  Overtrousers

•  Sunhat and sunblock

•  Warm hat or balaclava

•  Gloves or mittens

•  Food and snacks for the day

•  Water, contained in bottles or water bladder

•  First Aid Kit and personal medication

•  Walking pole/s

•  Toilet paper and hand sanitiser

•  Survival kit - to include: whistle, survival bag or blanket, waterproof matches, torch and spare batteries, notepad and pencil.

•  Clean footwear to wear in the car on the way home, and a bag for your dirty boots

Overnight Trips 

•  All the above, plus:

•  Change of dry clothing including socks

•  Tent or fly (unless it is a bookable hut)

•  Sleeping bag and sleeping bag liner

•  Camping mat or lightweight air mattress

•  Sufficient food for the trip plus a day's emergency rations

•  Cooker and gas canister

•  Billy/pot, plate, cup, eating utensils

•  Toiletry necessities


Note:  The club has two tents for hire. There is a one-man tent (orange) weighing 1.35kg. The two-man tent (green) is about 2-2.5kg and can be used for car-camping or split across two people when tramping.

Cost per tent is $10 per club trip. Private trips by negotiation.

Contact Maria for details about the tents, and to book them click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tent 1        Tent 2