GEAR TO TAKE ON A TRIPtramping gear

Day Trips 

•  Good back pack of adequate capacity

•  Waterproof liner/dry bags for inside the pack, or pack cover

•  Boots or strong shoes adequate for the terrain

•  Walking clothes - shorts and top (quick dry and not cotton)

•  Fleece or woollen jersey

•  Wind and waterproof raincoat or parka. 

•  Overtrousers

•  Sunhat and sunblock

•  Warm hat or balaclava

•  Gloves or mittens

•  Food and snacks for the day

•  Water, contained in bottles or water bladder

•  First Aid Kit and personal medication

•  Walking pole/s

•  Torch and spare batteries

•  Toilet paper and hand sanitiser

•  Survival kit - to include: whistle, survival bag or blanket, waterproof matches, candle, notepad and pencil.

Overnight Trips 

•  All the above, plus:

•  Change of dry clothing including socks

•  Tent or fly

•  Sleeping bag and sleeping bag liner

•  Camping mat or lightweight air mattress

•  Sufficient food for the trip plus a day's emergency rations

•  Cooker and gas canister

•  Billy/pot, plate, cup, eating utensils

•  Toiletry necessities