Above the Bushline - No Human Element

abnh north peak

1st - North Peak (Diane)

abnh lake rotoiti

2nd - Lake Rotoiti (Mary)

abnh winter wonderland

3rd - Winter Wonderland (Pete)

Above the Bushline - with a Human Element

abwh white out

1st - White Out (Diane)

abwh skyline ridge

2nd - Skyline Ridge (Diane)

abwh rainbow tarns

3rd - Rainbow Tarns (Mary)

Below the Bushline - No Human Element

bbnh hidden pool

1st - Hidden Pool (Marian)

bbnh witches meeting

2nd - Witches Meeting (Pete)

bbnh winter path

3rd - Winter Path (Diane)

Below the Bushline - with a Human Element

bbwh frosty start

1st - Frosty Start (Pete)

bbwh helping hand

2nd - Helping Hand (Diane)

bbwh asbestos cottaqe

3rd - Asbestos Cottage (Mary)

Native Fauna & Flora

nff in your face

 1st - In Your Face (Rob)

nff fern in sunlight

 2nd - Fern In Sunlight (Marian)

nff oystercatcher at dawn

3rd - Oystercatcher at Dawn (Diane)

People's Choice

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 nff oystercatcher at dawnabnh still watersabnh winter wonderland

Highly Commended

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abnh snow meltabnh tarn at dawnabnh dawnthrough the rushesabnh reflectionabnh still watersabwh billion dollar postcodeabwh paramu tarn paratitahi tarnsabwh early morningabwh great camping spotabwh robert ridge3abwh above lake sylvesterabwh dont do this at homeabwh hinepouri tarnbbnh drowned forestbbnh jurassic

 bbnh bird in the skybbnh prevailing windbbnh lake rotoiti 2

bbnh mossy streambbnh lewis passbbwh behind the water curtainbbwh kairuru farm hunters hutbbwh its getting a bit deepbbwh paparoa swingbridgebbwh early morning mistbbwh lees creek hutbbwh wharariki archbbwh relaxing at days endnff dun mountain skinknff red admiral

 nff kotare sacred kingfishernff pigeon feedingnff spur throated grasshoppernff pecten supremenff track securitynff heron at dawn