People's Choice

bbnh nydiabay

1st Equal - Nydia Bay (Anne)

nff kotukufeedingtime

1st Equal - Kotuku Feeding Time (Diane)



Above the Bushline - With A Human Element

abnh north peak

1st - Climbing High (Pete)

abnh lake rotoiti

2nd - Angelus Hut at Dawn (Diane)

abnh winter wonderland

3rd - Small Shelter (Eric)



Above the Bushline - No Human Element

abwh white out

1st - Blue Lake, Tongariro (Mary)

abwh skyline ridge

2nd - Mt Sunday (Chris)

abwh rainbow tarns

3rd - High Pass (Pete)



Below the Bushline - With A Human Element

bbnh hidden pool

1st - Early Morning on the River Flats (Diane)

bbnh witches meeting

2nd - Wharariki Beach (Mary)

bbnh winter path

3rd - Stream Travel (Diane)



Below the Bushline - No Human Element

bbwh frosty start

1st - Over the Edge of the Waterfall (Diane)

bbwh helping hand

2nd - Beeby's Knob Tree Trunks (Lynley)

bbwh asbestos cottaqe

3rd - Nydia Bay (Anne)



Native Fauna & Flora

nff in your face

 1st - Flutterby on Manuka (Diane)

nff fern in sunlight

 2nd - Kotuku Feeding Time (Diane)

nff oystercatcher at dawn

3rd - Arriving Home (Marian)



Highly Commended

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Paparoa SunsetWhioLike A MirrorDropping Into The SabineA Calm EveningDaisiesPorari River WalkFrosty CoprosmaSlatey Creek HutWest Coast ReflectedSunrise ReflectionsFerny Forest

 Not A Bad Lunch Spot!Along The Ridge New Hope

 The Hairy OneMarsden Valley