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Trip Reports

2021 05 22 editor hill

Editor Hill

Great rocky viewpoints Editor Hill – Saturday 22 May 2021 Eleven members met at the Paruparu Road carpark and enjoyed a very pleasant drive to Opouri Saddle with early morning mist enhancing the scenery along the way. We started walking at 9am along a track which is not well marked at first, but…
May 2021
2021 05 14 golden bay

Golden Bay Walks

Exploring the bay Golden Bay Walks – 14-16 May 2021 Golden Bay Holiday Park was our ‘base’ from which we would do a few day walks. To make the most of the weekend we timed our arrival for mid Friday afternoon. That gave us time to settle in and then do a beach walk. Firstly, towards Parapara Inlet,…
May 2021
2021 05 01 maungatapu

Maungatapu Crossover

Murder & Mayhem on the Maungatapu Maungatapu Crossover - Saturday 1 May 2021 In June 1866, at a place now known as ‘Murderers Rock’ on the Maungatapu Road, five travellers were ambushed and savagely murdered. The culprits were a group of four, all with previous criminal records, known as the…
May 2021
2021 04 24 picton

Picton Walks

Medium sweet Picton Walks – 24-26 April 2021 Saturday: Five of us travelled down to Havelock arriving there a little before midday to have lunch at a nice picnic table overlooking the waterfront. Then a drive along the Queen Charlotte Drive to walk part of the Link Pathway. This 42km pathway which…
Apr 2021
2021 04 17 st arnaud traverse

St Arnaud Range Traverse

A grand traverse St Arnaud Range Traverse – Saturday 17 April 2021 The autumn day dawned well on the northern St Arnaud Range and sixteen of us from all over the district assembled at St Arnaud to explore it. We shuttled the cars so that half of us could go up a trap line near Beech Hill Rise,…
Apr 2021
2021 04 11 mt duppa

Mt Duppa

Short and sharp Mt Duppa – Sunday 11 April 2021 The group headed for the northern end of the Bryant Range, turning off onto a well-signposted forestry road 5km past Whangamoa Saddle. We travelled 4km up the forestry road and parked at a skid site then walked the last 2km of rougher road. The extra…
Apr 2021
2021 03 27 mt arthur

Mt Arthur

Topping Out on Arthur Mt Arthur Summit, Kahurangi National Park - Saturday 27 March 2021 This trip was planned for Sunday, but a rather dismal forecast brought it forward a day to Saturday. Saturday wasn’t looking too spectacular either, so a combination of the forecast and the day change saw…
Mar 2021
2021 03 21 maitland

Maitland Circuit

A great loop Maitland Ridge Circuit, Mt Richmond Forest Park – Sunday 21 March 2021 A very brisk pace was set by a group of eleven trampers departing from the Red Hills carpark, knowing that we had a full day ahead of us. After only 370m we reached the junction of the new Wots Up Doc Track, the…
Mar 2021
2021 03 14 mt royal

Mt Royal

A steep climb Mt Royal – 13-14 March 2021 On the weekend of 13 and 14 March four trampers did a postponed trip to Mt Royal. The weather forecast was looking good this time and we were expecting good views. We arrived at the Onamalutu campground on Saturday evening, to be able to make an early start…
Mar 2021
2021 03 13 dew lakes

Dew Lakes

An Honest Day's Tramp Dew Lakes, Mt Richmond Forest Park - Saturday March 13 2021 Today’s trip was an honest day tramp. In fact, it was surprisingly how many of our 14 strong party were heard to comment they were sure that the distance between Maitai Dam carpark and the lakes stretched upwards…
Mar 2021
2021 03 07 goat hill

Goat Hill & Okiwi Bay Hill

Excellent views Goat Hill & Okiwi Bay Hill – Sunday 7 March 2021 After a pleasant drive we arrived at the Okiwi Bay Scenic Reserve and began the climb up the scenic Goat Hill track. Previous rain had made the track sticky and slippery but the day was fine and there were excellent views of the…
Mar 2021
2021 02 27 browning hut

Hacket & Browning Huts

Light rain but a pleasant time Hacket Hut & Browning Hut – Saturday 27 February 2021 The dry heat and blue skies promised earlier in the week didn’t eventuate, so today’s trip was tramping-only as opposed to a tramp with a swim afterwards. At 8.40 am, 15 of us set out from the Hacket carpark in…
Feb 2021
2021 02 20 abel tasman northern loop

Northern Abel Tasman N.P.

A rather cushy trip! Northern Abel Tasman National Park. Friday 19 - Sunday 21 February 2021 Our car arrived at DOC’s Totaranui Beach campground on Friday afternoon just before the office closed for the day, and we were very pleased to be allocated an unofficial spot where all the group could camp…
Feb 2021
2021 02 13 the great taste trail

Great Taste Trail - Motueka to Kaiteriteri

Relaxing, sunny and smooth Great Taste Trail - Motueka to Kaiteriteri – Saturday 13 February 2021 Twelve bikers including four visitors met at 10am at Talleys carpark for something different than what we would normally do. Heading along the estuary trail opposite the sandspit, it was easy going and…
Feb 2021
21 02 06 lewis tops

Lewis Tops & Brass Monkey Bivvy

A classic tops trip Lewis Tops & Brass Monkey Bivvy – 6-8 February 2021 Lewis Tops and Brass Monkey Bivvy have been on my wish list for a long time. The weather forecast for Waitangi weekend was looking good: no rain or strong winds, particularly important for a trip in alpine and exposed terrain.…
Feb 2021
2021 01 31 birds clearing

Canaan - Birds Clearing Crossover

A nice crossover trip Canaan - Birds Clearing Crossover – Sunday 31 January 2021 The Wainui Track could be the least used section of track in NZ’s most popular national park, but is still worthwhile visiting. On a partly cloudy day, eight trampers headed off in two carloads. At the Canaan turnoff…
Jan 2021
2021 01 29 punakaiki

Punakaiki & Inland Pack Track

11 Lovely Ladies go a-tramping Punakaiki & Inland Pack Track. 29 January - 1 February 2021 Friday 29 January. Weather conditions: a bluebird day. Three vehicles left Richmond on Friday afternoon bound for Punakaiki. One car left earlier than the others at 8.30am and managed to arrive later than the…
Jan 2021
2021 01 24 archers track

Archers Track

A Goldilocks Day The Archers Track - Sunday 24 January 2021 Sandwiched between two beautiful bays in the Marlborough Sounds, with another half way through, the Archers Track is an Easy Grade club favourite. 15 of us set out from Penzance Bay heading west. The track wends its way across to the…
Jan 2021
2021 01 23 travers sabine

Travers Sabine Circuit

A classic track Travers-Sabine Circuit – 23-27 January 2021 This trip was postponed a few times since mid-November because we needed a five day window of good weather. Eventually we saw our opportunity in January. Even then, we postponed by a day as a snow storm swept across the ranges depositing…
Jan 2021
2021 01 16 gordons pyramid

Gordon's Pyramid

Spectacular views Gordons Pyramid Circuit – Saturday 16 January 2021 The main group met at the Badminton Hall carpark at 7.30am and with three trampers picked up along the way, we had 25 keen trampers for this trip. While there was a little light rain in the lowlands, the Mt Arthur Plateau was…
Jan 2021
2021 01 10 rotoiti circuit

Lake Rotoiti Circuit

An eventful day Lake Rotoiti Circuit – Sunday 10 January 2021 A large group set off from Richmond on a very fine morning. We were split into two groups so that we could manage the numbers as a crossover. The logistics worked well and we set off along the Lakeside Track, pausing at Whiskey Falls for…
Jan 2021
2020 12 31 lake brunner

Lake Brunner

An enjoyable and interesting long weekend Lake Brunner Day Walks – 31 December 2020-4 January 2021 At midday on Thursday, eight trampers arrived at the Lake Brunner Country Motel & Holiday Park situated two kilometres north of the lake, all of us staying in cabins. In the afternoon we completed…
Dec 2020
2020 12 13 julius summit

Julius Summit

An off-track adventure Julius Summit – Sunday 13 December 2020 Unsettled weather forecast made us change the weekend trip that was going to Angelus Hut into a day trip to Julius Summit. We left the Mt Robert carpark at 9am and walked up the Pinchgut Track for morning tea at the shelter. The weather…
Dec 2020
2020 12 12 dun mountain

Dun Mountain

Closer to home Dun Mountain – Saturday 12 December 2020 Dun Mountain is situated on the Bryant Range, is close to Nelson, over 1000 metres, not too steep a climb, a decent day out and with great views, so it ticks all the boxes. Originally we were going to Julius Summit but the weather that day was…
Dec 2020
2020 12 06 appletree bay

Appletree Bay

A pleasant easy tramp Apple Tree Bay – Sunday 6 December 2020 A small band of pre-Christmas trampers enjoyed a very pleasant easy tramp in fine conditions. It’s always pleasant crossing the Sandy Bay board walk on a fine summer morning. The tide was out and the views inland were stunningly clear.…
Dec 2020
2020 11 28 mt arthur

Mt Arthur Summit

A favourite tramp Mt Arthur – Saturday 28 November 2020 A poor weather forecast for the Sunday meant the scheduled Balloon Hut weekend trip was cancelled, so Mt Arthur was the substitute. Five trampers left the Flora carpark at a brisk pace on the wide smooth track toward Mt Arthur Hut. This…
Nov 2020
2020 11 21 mt hope

Mt Hope

Great rock formations Mt Hope – Saturday 21 November 2020 It was unsettled weather as we gathered in Richmond at 7:30 to make an early start. We arrived at Boulder Creek and managed to park all vehicles even though space is a bit limited and a bit rough. There are no official markings to show that…
Nov 2020
2020 11 14 north peak

North Peak

360° Views North Peak – Saturday 14 November 2020 We departed Wakefield on a calm, mild morning to Inwood Lookout. The track that winds its way up through pine forest from the Wai-iti Valley was rougher, mainly at the bottom, than when I had been up a few weeks earlier, so we were relieved to have…
Nov 2020
booths 2020 11 7

Booths Cottage

An interesting loop Booths Cottage – Saturday 7 November 2020 The weather forecast was looking very wet for Sunday (the date scheduled in the programme) but better for the Saturday. After much debate and checking of several websites, the leaders decided to change the day rather cancel the trip.…
Nov 2020
waikakaho 2020 10 31

Waikakaho - Cullen Creek Crossover

Going for gold Waikakaho - Cullen Creek Crossover – Saturday 31 October 2020 Friday was rainy and Sunday was predicted to be rainy again but Saturday the sun was shining as a group of 21 met at Havelock to switch cars for a crossover trip between Cullen Creek and Waikakaho Valley. The three high…
Oct 2020
cobb 2020 10 23

Cobb Valley Day Walks

Wearing out the shoe leather Cobb Valley Day Walks - Friday 23 - Monday 26 October 2020 Labour Weekend - finally, a long weekend after a long winter! We chose to make it even longer by voyaging over the Takaka Hill to the Cobb Valley on Friday afternoon, to give us two full- and one part- days of…
Oct 2020
2020 10 04 mot sandspit

Motueka Sandspit

A Bird Watcher’s Delight Motueka Sandspit - Sunday 4 October 2020 Our easy walk from the Saltwater Baths to the end of the Motueka Sandspit and back was timed to coincide with the return of the Bar-Tailed Godwits (Kuaka) after their non-stop six-to-eight-day 12,000km flight from Alaska. This epic…
Oct 2020
mt malita 2020 09 26

Mt Malita to Champion Mine

Great views & history Mt Malita to Champion Mine – Saturday 26 September 2020 Fourteen trampers walked a clockwise circuit along the Roding River to the Champion Mine and morning tea. From there it was a scramble up a dry rocky stream bed and a scrubby spur to the ridge for lunch. A restored track…
Sep 2020
kina 2020 09 12

Kina Peninsula

Easy walking & excellent views Kina Peninsula – Saturday 12 September 2020 An easy trip with a new track, close to home and with a great weather forecast - those must have been the conditions to entice a recent record number of 30 trampers on this outing. We started at 8.45am at the end of Deck…
Sep 2020
mt robert 2020 09 20

Mt Robert Circuit

Snow-capped peaks in the park Mt Robert Circuit – Sunday 20 September 2020 Mt Robert is located in the Nelson Lakes National Park. Although one of the lower summits in the park, the views overlooking St Arnaud are impressive, the tracks to it are well marked, and people of average fitness can do…
Sep 2020
hanmer springs 2020 09 04

Hanmer Springs Day Walks

Waterfalls, Mountains & Ambulances Hanmer Springs Day Walks - 4-6 September 2020 As we had quite a distance to travel, three days was just the ticket for our Hanmer Springs weekend. We travelled down on Friday morning and booked into our accommodation at the Forest Lodge. What great facilities for…
Sep 2020
rotoiti walks 2020 08 30

Lake Rotoiti Walks

Short walks aplenty Lake Rotoiti Walks – Sunday 30 August 2020 On a fine but very windy day 16 trampers met at the Gladstone Road carpark. The numbers rose to 17 as Marie decided that our trip was better than the Nelson Tramping Club trip to Beebys Knob who were gathering at the same time, so she…
Aug 2020
kaihoka 2020 08 15

Kaihoka Farm Stay

Golden Bay exploration Kaihoka Farm Stay – 15-16 August 2020 This weekend trip was planned around a stay at the old homestead of the Kaihoka Farm in Whanganui Inlet. On Friday afternoon six trampers went already to the homestead. On Saturday morning, the second group had a quick drive of two hours…
Aug 2020
mt campbell 2020 08 09

Mt Campbell / Pukeone

Spectacular views Mt Campbell/Pukeone – Sunday 9 August 2020 A large group of 27 trampers travelled up Motueka Valley Highway, across Alexander Bluffs Bridge then turned up Rocky River Road. We parked at an old skid site, good room for our six vehicles, 8km up the road, altogether 50 minutes from…
Aug 2020
mt evans 2020 08 02

Mt Evans Circuit

A grey day Mt Evans Circuit – Sunday 2 August 2020 On a grey winter’s morning twenty six trampers, including five non-members, departed Richmond bound for the Canaan carpark. We walked in light drizzly rain up to Wainui Saddle where we stopped for a rather late morning tea and then continued on to…
Aug 2020
wakaretu 2020 07 24

Wakaretu Bay

Havelock heights Wakaretu Bay – 24-26 July 2020 Thanks to Jeff Lukey, the club could spend a weekend at Wakaretu Bay on Pelorus Sound near Havelock in warm comfortable accommodation. On Friday members travelled to this location and settled in, either in the house or in 'The Hut'. Just before dark…
Jul 2020
city heights 2020 07 18

City Heights Circuit

A most enjoyable day City Heights Circuit – Saturday 18 July 2020 The group members were convinced that meeting at the Botanics sports field at 9am would mean starting at the Botanics sports field at 9am…… No, no, no, half the drivers were expected to take their passenger filled cars down the road…
Jul 2020
chrome track 2020 07 12

Chrome Track Circuit

Ideal mid-winter trampingChrome Track Circuit – Sunday 12 July 2020 We all started from the Hacket carpark about 9:30am. An hour later we were halfway up to the saddle, on the Chrome Track, having morning tea in warm sunlight. Once we made the saddle, I checked out the water supply for the weed…
Jul 2020
marsden valley 2020 07 05

Marsden Valley

An easy day Barnicoat Range from Marsden Valley – Saturday 4 July 2020 Twelve keen participants met at the end of Marsden Valley Road at 9am in what turned out to be a sunny day. The group split into two with Julian taking six people up the Involution Track and I took six up the Barnicoat Walkway…
Jul 2020
2020 06 27 mid winter mystery tour

Mid Winter Mystery Tour

A big turnout for a long flat course Magical Mid Winter Mystery Tour - Saturday 27 June 2020 Tahuna Beach / Airport Perimeter Track / Great Taste Trail / Railway Reserve Loop The Mid Winter Mystery Tour is always an easy one culminating in a cafe lunch. This year in lieu of being easy in regard to…
Jun 2020
2020 20 06 holyoakes

Holyoake Clearing Shelter

Mid-winter sunshine Holyoake Clearing Shelter – Saturday 20 June 2020 After a wet week it was indeed pleasing to get a sunny, calm day for the trip. Twenty people assembled at Marahau and prepared for the ascent to Holyoake Clearing. We were on our way by 9ish. We strung across the causeway and…
Jun 2020
cable bay 2020 06 14

Cable Bay

A great day out Cable Bay Walkway – Sunday 14 June 2020 After a confused start that worked out well for all in the end, we arrived at Glenduan soon after 9am and after a brief upper body warm-up, we were off up Airlie Street then up the Waihi Creek track to link with the main Cable Bay Walkway…
Jun 2020
2020 06 14 flora hut

Flora / Lodestone / Arthur Hut Circuit

First Post-Lockdown Tramp Flora / Lodestone / Arthur Hut Circuit - Sunday 7 June 2020 On top of Mt Lodestone All covered with snow, The team from Waimea A-hiking did go. While the land below us basked in early winter sunshine, it was a tad brisker and whiter up in the hills. This was our first…
Jun 2020
2020 03 15 captains creek

Captains Creek

Happy to have made it Captain Creek Hut, Mt Richmond Forest Park – Sunday 15 March 2020 We left Richmond at 7:30am on a bit of a cloudy day. After the rather long drive we set off with the cry that if the 50 Plus could get there and return in a day, then so could we. The walk to the Emerald Pool…
Mar 2020
2020 03 08 champion mine

Champion Mine Circuit

A fun challenge Champion Mine Circuit – Sunday 8 March 2020 Location awareness was the special focus of this trip. Pete had us locate ourselves on our map at the Roding carpark, showing us how to orient it from prominent features. Map in hand, we followed the 4-wheel drive track, stopping…
Mar 2020
2020 02 29 morepork

Wainui Hut Circuit

Leap day loop Wainui Hut Circuit – Saturday 29 February 2020 An excellent aspect of the days tramp was the lunch stop. C’mon, c’mon you say, WTC is a tramping club not an eating club. The large grassy area outside Wainui Hut with its picnic table is ideal, though for any size tramping party at…
Feb 2020
2020 02 23 st arnaud range

Rainbow - St Arnaud Range traverse

Fabulous weather Rainbow – St Arnaud Range traverse – 23-24 February 2020 This tramp was delayed by one day because of bad weather forecast for Saturday. There were two groups for this tramp, day walkers and overnight trampers. Both groups met at Richmond and Wakefield at 7.30 and 7.45…
Feb 2020
2020 02 23 3 st arnaud range

Mt McRae, St Arnaud Range

Exquisite views Mt McRae, St Arnaud Range – Sunday 23 February 2020 Six trampers headed up to the Rainbow skifield for a day trip also transporting five club members round from Kerr Bay who were on an overnight trip camping on the St Arnaud Range. We managed to all squeeze into two vehicles and…
Feb 2020
2020 02 14 mt owen

Mt Owen, Kahurangi NP

Girl Power! Mt Owen, Kahurangi National Park - 14-16 February 2020 Five ‘chicks’ enjoyed a fabulous bloke-free extended weekend to knock off Mt Owen, Kahurangi National Park’s highest mountain. At 1875m this massive lump of limestone looms large over the landscape in Kahurangi’s Marino Range. We…
Feb 2020
2020 02 09 2 tennyson inlet view

Penzance Bay - Elaine Bay

Beautiful views Penzance Bay - Elaine Bay, Marlborough Sounds – Sunday 9 February 2020 After a long and winding drive we arrived at Penzance Bay. It was a beautiful cloudless day. We set off on Archers Track which winds its way round Penzance Bay and drops down to Deep Bay where we stopped at a…
Feb 2020
2020 02 08 the spur we followed from sidle across 1653 to granity pass

Lookout Range & Mt Owen

A satisfying four days Lookout Range & Mt Owen – 7-10 February 2020 This trip began as an overnight tenting trip on the Hope Range, south of Conical Hill. However all six participants agreed on three nights out. On the Friday morning two vehicles drove to Courthouse Flat. Cattle, a helicopter and…
Feb 2020
2020 02 02 view from kowhai saddle looking towards kaikoura

Hapuku - Kowhai circuit, Kaikoura

A warm weekend Hapuku - Kowhai circuit, Kaikoura – 1-3 February 2020 Our group of five left Richmond at 7.30am and drove to Hapuku with a couple of stops along the way. We turned off SH1 onto Parsons Road and drove to the Hapuku “carpark”, which is an unmarked area close to a ford across the Hapuku…
Feb 2020
2020 01 26 4 one person cooling off in the river

Pearse Valley

A great summer trip Pearse Valley - Sunday 26 January 2020 Fifteen trampers met at the Badminton Hall carpark at 8am and drove as far as the ford in the Pearse Valley. Although the last kilometre was a bit rougher it was reasonable for higher clearance vehicles and saved us walking along this dusty…
Jan 2020
2020 01 19 4 red hills plateau

Red Hills Hut & Plateau

Breath-taking views Red Hills Hut and Plateau - Sunday 19 January 2020 We left the Richmond carpark at 7.30am and drove to the Red Hills carpark with a brief pick-up and car swap in Wakefield. The weather forecast was looking good, perhaps even a bit on the hot side. We were ready to start our day…
Jan 2020
2020 01 11 coldwater hut

Lake Rotoiti circuit

Ideal tramping Lake Rotoiti circuit - Saturday 11 January 2020 This tramp was the first club day trip of the new year and the new decade. It was a fine, still and warm day both in Nelson and at the lake so ideal for tramping. A keen bunch of eleven returning trampers along with four visitors met at…
Jan 2020
2020 01 04 wakamarina

Wakamarina Track crossover

An old goldminers’ trail Wakamarina Track crossover - 4-5 January 2020 Ten trampers embarked on a crossover trip on the Wakamarina Track between the Wairau Valley and the Wakamarina Valley. At Canvastown we swapped the two cars with each group of five trampers starting from each side. The group of…
Jan 2020
2019 12 15 10 pig whare shelter

Lake Alexander Loop Track

An out of the way valley Lake Alexander Loop Track, South Marlborough – 14-15 December 2019 On a fine weekend four trampers travelled 14km up Waihopai Valley Road then 7km along Avondale road. Opposite letterbox no 756 we drove through a gateway and a further 7km on farm roads needing a high…
Dec 2019
2019 11 24 billies knob

Billies Knob

A fine day tramp Billies Knob, Kahurangi National Park – Sunday 24 November 2019 The trip picked up people at Wakefield and Tadmor for a relatively early start at Courthouse Flat. Climbing up the ridge we made the forest edge before it got too hot and we achieved the saddle for a noon lunch stop.…
Nov 2019
2019 09 31big river

Big River, Mt Victoria Forest Park

Exploring the heart of the "Quartzopolis Goldfields” Big River, Victoria Forest Park - Labour Weekend 26-28 October 2019 25kms drive from Reefton is the abandoned gold mining town of Waiuta, home to 600 people in its 1930’s hey-day. The town is a history-drenched treasure trove of restored…
Oct 2019
2019 10 13 great taste trail

Cycling the Great Taste Trail

A cycling outing Wakefield to Kohatu and back, cycling the Great Taste Trail Sunday 13 October 2019 20 wheels spun their way along the Great Taste Trail taking in the newly opened Wakefield to Wai-iti section. After the uphill stretch from the Belgrove Tavern to the Spooners Tunnel, a breather was…
Oct 2019
2019 10 06 asbestos cottage

Flora - Asbestos crossover

A Kahurangi traverse Flora - Asbestos crossover – Sunday 6 October 2019 It was five years since the club had done this crossover trip, so it was high time to do this trip again. On a partly cloudy day we had a good turnout of 18 trampers, of which eight left from the Asbestos Track carpark on the…
Oct 2019
2019 09 29 conical hill

Conical Hill, Kahurangi National Park

Impressive rocks Conical Hill – Saturday 28 September 2019 The trip was done on the Saturday as the weather forecast for Sunday was poor. A 7:15am start from Richmond meant we set out walking at 8:40. The trip was a bit challenging as we had about one hour of off track in order to get onto the DOC…
Sep 2019
2019 09 21 1 dun saddle

Rocks Hut crossover

A triple crossover Rocks Hut crossover – 21-22 September 2019 A curious fact is that Rocks Hut is about 12 kilometres in a direct line from Nelson city centre, the closest DOC backcountry hut to any city in New Zealand, very convenient for Nelson trampers. Nine people met by the Prince Albert Hotel…
Sep 2019
2019 09 14 richmond hill

Richmond Hills

A close to home walk Richmond Hills from Easby Park– Saturday 14 September 2019 Our Sunday walk was changed to Saturday to accommodate the bad weather prediction. However, a pleasant day was had following a circuit of some of the many tracks on a deviously long 10.6km route with the fire lookout as…
Sep 2019
2019 09 07 marahau

Bark Bay to Marahau

So much sun, so few people! Bark Bay to Marahau – Saturday 7 September 2019 Spring is a wonderful time to visit the Abel Tasman National Park, when the influx of summer tourists is yet to descend on this gem of a track, but the weather is usually kind. Or in our case, simply stunning. We had a…
Sep 2019
2019 08 31 lake sylvester

Lake Sylvester

Stunning views Lake Sylvester – 31 August-1 September 2019 Nine trampers left Richmond in three cars at 7:30am and arrived at the Cobb Dam lookout in sunny but cold windy conditions. After a brief stop to admire the view we continued to the Lake Sylvester carpark, loaded up and started the climb up…
Aug 2019
2019 08 25 dew lakes

Dew Lakes & Maungatapu Saddle

A big crowd Dew Lakes & Maungatapu Saddle – Sunday 25 August 2019 Knowing it was a long day we made an early start, meeting at the Botanics Reserve at 7:30am. A record number of 19 trampers turned up. From the carpark just below the Maitai Dam we headed uphill through a block of recently felled…
Aug 2019
2019 08 18 marsden valley

Marsden Valley

A very pleasant tramp Marsden Valley – Sunday 18 August 2019 In bright sunshine, sixteen trampers gathered around the map display at Marsden Valley carpark. Their choice was to ascend the valley by the gentle but longer Involution Trail or the shorter but steeper Scout Track. Six opted for the…
Aug 2019
2019 08 10 north peak

North Peak

It’s Snoooooooow Time! North Peak, Mt Richmond Forest Park – Saturday 10 August 2019 Originally the plan was for an overnight trip to Hunters Hut, but a dire weather forecast and subsequent lack of enthusiasm saw the trip altered to a Saturday hike from Inwood Lookout. Even then, a showery forecast…
Aug 2019
2019 08 03 103408

Whispering Falls

A pleasant winter’s walk Whispering Falls – Saturday 3 August 2019 Despite dire predictions of a southerly blasting its way up from Antarctica a large contingent of trampers headed off to the Hacket carpark where they were pleasantly surprised. Contractors had just finished upgrading the carpark,…
Aug 2019
2019 07 27 1 111431 2

Motueka Sandspit

Easy walking Motueka Sandspit – Saturday 27 July 2019 We started at 8:00am from Richmond and drove to the Saltwater Baths at Motueka. Ten people were on this trip. Once again we had very pleasant weather with light winds and patches of sun. Morning tea was ten minutes early at the usual place ¾ of…
Jul 2019
2019 07 14 centre of nz

Centre of New Zealand circuit

A busy track Centre of New Zealand circuit – Sunday 21 July 2019 It was a cloudy day with the threat of rain and those that do not tramp in the wet pulled out. However it was good weather, though underfoot it was quite wet and slippery. We gathered at Paru Paru Road and made our way across the…
Jul 2019
2019 07 07 delaware bay

Blue Hill, Hira

An excellent adventure Blue Hill – Sunday 7 July 2019 On a fine sunny day it was a short drive to Hira where our group of 17 trampers parked at the Cable Bay Adventure Park. After we signed in individually, we started off across the Wakapuaka River, then past the paintball area and ambled uphill on…
Jul 2019
2019 06 29 group by jacks track sign

Mid-Winter Mystery Tour

A most agreeable tramp Mid-Winter Mystery Tour – Saturday 29 June 2019 David W and I arrived at the Botanics by 9am on a cold, frosty and fine winter morning. Our walking companions had their packs on and were ready to start. Where did they presume they were going? It hadn’t occurred to any of them…
Jun 2019
2019 06 22 111414

Mataki Lodge

Magnificent tops Mataki Lodge – 21-23 June 2019 Cold bleak mornings were a good way to ensure that all trampers had adequate warm clothing with them for a venture above the bush line and down a shady creek bed. Departure time from the lodge was 8am, and by 11am we were emerging into the warm…
Jun 2019
2019 06 15 1 at hut

Goat Hill & Okiwi Bay Hill

Rain and warmth Goat Hill & Okiwi Bay Hill – Saturday 15 June 2019 With forecasts for Nelson (sun, cloud, chance of a shower) and Marlborough (afternoon rain), what would the weather actually be at Okiwi Bay? Cool, wet, no wind? It turned out better than some expected and possibly worse than some…
Jun 2019
2019 06 09 1 cable bay

Cable Bay Walkway

Great coastal scenery Cable Bay Walkway – Sunday 9 June 2019 We departed from Richmond at 8am and Paruparu Road at 8:20am and arrived some time later at The Glen. It was fine in most part but a wee bit chilly so we quickly got underway and before long made out way up the Waihi Creek track then the…
Jun 2019
parachute rocks may 19

Parachute Rocks

Stunning but Steep Parachute Rocks, Saturday 25 May 2019 It was a stunning blue-sky morning in Kerr Bay as we watched the mist rise eerily off Lake Rotoiti. A temperature of minus-one had us rugged up against the chill, but soon our party of 13 were off up the hill and layers began to be discarded.…
May 2019
2019 05 11 near lodestone summit

Lodestone & Mt Hodder

An enjoyable trapping line Lodestone & Mt Hodder – Saturday 11 May 2019 The weather forecast for Sunday was not very good, but several people still contacted me, keen to go. Most of them were able to go on Saturday instead, and so I decided to change the day. I hadn’t been up Mount Hodder before…
May 2019
2019 05 05 maitland track group

Red Hills - Maitland Circuit

A diverse day Red Hills - Maitland Ridge circuit – Sunday 5 May 2019 With the days quickly shortening the meeting time was brought forward to 7.30am. This meant that after a stop to pick up two people in Wakefield, the main group was able set off up the four wheel drive road to Beebys Knob at…
May 2019
2019 04 28 mt evans group

Mt Evans

A happy band Mt Evans – Sunday 28 April 2019 After overnight rain the skies cleared to enable a happy band of eighteen to have an enjoyable day conquering Mt Evans. This was part two of the club's exploration of the route. Part one, from the south, was led by Robert last November. An early start…
Apr 2019
2019 04 19 1 lewis tops ridge

Lewis Pass Trips from Boyle Lodge

An eventful Easter Boyle Lodge, Lewis Pass area – Easter: 19-22 April 2019 A carload of four keen trampers headed off to the scenic Lewis Pass area for Easter weekend and set up residence at the spacious 65 bunk Outdoor Education Centre in the alpine hamlet of Boyle Village. Lewis Tops: We picked…
Apr 2019
2019 04 14 3 editor hill hut

Editor Hill

A bonus track Editor Hill, Marlborough Sounds – Sunday 14 April 2019 A fine calm day was enjoyed by ten people in the hills of the Marlborough Sounds. After one hour’s drive from Nelson we parked at Opouri Saddle at 500m on the road to Duncan Bay. We followed a track with blue triangle markers,…
Apr 2019
2019 04 06 arriving at kiwi saddle hut

Arthur Range Circuit

Arthur Range circuit Kiwi Saddle Hut – 6-7 April 2019 We started out from Rolling River at 9:10am in fine weather but with a chill in the air. At the lake halfway up, we counted about 14 whio in two groups of seven. After 3½ hours we reached the Wangapeka swingbridge and we had lunch just over the…
Apr 2019
2019 03 31 sclanders creek group

Sclanders Creek

Lucky for eight Sclanders Creek, Maitai Valley – Sunday 31 March 2019 We found plenty of variety in the bush up the Maitai River. Parking near the dam, we walked up the south branch, then on up Sclanders Creek towards the Maitai Caves. Just before the caves we continued up the creek on the old…
Mar 2019
2019 03 24 beebys knob descent

Beebys Knob

Wonderful sights Beebys Knob - Sunday 24 March 2019 It’s always a tight squeeze to do the left hand turn up into Beebys carpark just before the Tophouse Road, but once there, the track beckoned us through the trees. It was a warm sunny day, but once out of the bush and up on the tops there was a…
Mar 2019
2019 03 09 lake rotoiti

Lake Rotoiti Walks

A tour of tracks Rotoiti walks – Saturday 9 March 2019 We parked up at the DOC centre, put on our boots and away we went to begin the Peninsula Nature Walk. Just before West Bay we peeled off and headed up towards Rotoiti Lodge. The Black Hill Track beckoned us. We perched on mossy rocks for a…
Mar 2019
2019 03 02 03 lake peel

Tablelands Circuit

Circling the Tablelands Weekend 2-3 March 2019 We started our walk at the bottom of the Bullock Track on the Cobb Reservoir Road on a beautifully sunny Saturday morning . After heading up the hill to Peat Flat, one of the party who had been jettisoned from the car at the Cobb Lookout to walk the…
Mar 2019
2019 02 16 motueka sandspit stop

Motueka Sandspit

A birdwatching walk Motueka Sandspit – Saturday 16 February 2019 Nine trampers met at Richmond Badminton Hall at 10am; soon sorted into two cars and off to Motueka Saltwater Baths to park and meet our tenth member. Low tide today was about 2pm. It was a very warm sunny day with a morning southerly…
Feb 2019
2019 02 03 trig k

Trig K

A hot walk Trig K – Sunday 3 February 2019 After a month with little rain it was at least possible to go to the Pelorus Scenic Reserve. It was a hot day and we made our way around the lower track. Fortunately we had Julie with us who has had a long interest in the bat work in this area and was able…
Feb 2019
2019 02 04 robinson saddle

Robinson - Christabel Circuit

Rugged but rewarding Robinson - Christabel circuit, Victoria Forest Park – 2-5 February 2019 Fine weather was on order for eight trampers as we travelled 3kms west of Springs Junction on SH7 then 17km to the end of Palmers Road. On our way we left one vehicle at the start of Lake Christabel Track…
Feb 2019
2019 01 19 lake lockett

Lake Lockett

Wind worries Lake Lockett – 26-27 January 2019 Ten keen trampers set off early on Saturday, on the planned trip from the Cobb Dam over Iron Hill to camp by Ruby Lake, but a gale above the bushline made us change the plan. Instead we followed cairns down a tussock lead through stunted beech to Iron…
Jan 2019
2019 01 26 browning track

Browning Hut

Swims for six Browning Hut – Saturday 26 January 2019 Six of us chose the correct weekend day for this tramp considering the heatwave Nelson was experiencing at the time. Most likely we had a mid-20’s day. We all knew that the following couple of days were forecast to be over 30 degrees and that’s…
Jan 2019
2019 01 20 doom creek crossing

Devils Creek Hut

A pleasing combo Doom Creek & Devils Creek Hut – Sunday 20 January 2019 Gold was discovered in the Wakamarina Valley in 1860 and was one of NZ’s richest goldfields with about 2800 miners working in the area until the boom ended in 1865. An interesting history for 14 trampers to contemplate who left…
Jan 2019
2019 01 13 red hills plataeu

Red Hills Plateau

Pretty plateau Red Hills Hut & plateau – Sunday 13 January 2019 We assembled in Richmond at 8am and made our way to Red Hills carpark. There was some parking difficulty because of some thoughtless parking but we managed to squeeze in. Then we began with careful negotiation of the creek for those…
Jan 2019
2019 01 12 klondyke campsite

Klondyke Circuit, Victoria Forest Park

Tarn tenting Klondyke circuit, Victoria Forest Park – 12-13 January 2019 Eight keen trampers met in Wakefield at 8.15am on Saturday morning and travelled down to Rahu Saddle by 10.30am. We were surprised at the number of cars in the carpark but at least we knew we would not be competing for bunks…
Jan 2019
lakehead hut

Lake Rotoiti Circuit

A perfect day Lake Rotoiti circuit a.k.a. Loop-The-Lake – Sunday 6 January 2019 The first Sunday tramp for 2019 attracted 14 starters keen to burn off some excess calories from their Xmas and New Year indulgences. We left Richmond early and motored up to St Arnaud where a car was strategically…
Jan 2019
2018 12 30 mangatini falls

Westport Walks

West walks Westport – 29 December 2018 - 2 January 2019 Four keen trampers left sunny Nelson over New Year to explore some of the walks and tracks in the Westport area. We arrived on the Saturday afternoon at the Westport Holiday Park and quickly settled into our comfortable chalet accommodation.…
Dec 2018
marsden valley

Easby Park - Marsden Valley Crossover

A very pleasant pre-Christmas tramp Easby Park - Marsden Valley crossover – Saturday 15 December 2018 Although on the day unable to come Alison’s clear planning helped ever-y-one. She’d dotted the i-s and crossed the t-s A short local crossover trip it must be Leaving most of the afternoon free.…
Dec 2018
angelus hut

Angelus Hut via Robert Ridge

A magnificent sunrise Angelus Hut – 8-9 December 2018 Everyone who was busy with Xmas busy-ness missed out on an awesome weekend to Angelus Hut. For a start, it was The Best weekend weather for quite some time. A small amount of high cloud on Saturday produced some amazing formations, including…
Dec 2018
kings creek hut

Kings Creek Hut

Good tramping weather Kings Creek Hut – Sunday 2 December 2018 From Rolling River in light misty drizzle at 9:15am we started out on a soggy track which the long grass had recently been cut, which made the journey so much easier. Good time was made to the morning tea break, just past the gate at…
Dec 2018
mt arthur

Mt Arthur Hut & Gridiron Rock Bivvies

Enjoyable Plan B tramping Mt Arthur – Sunday 25 November 2018 The long range forecast for Sunday was miserable-bordering-on-terrible all week, which didn’t bode well for our planned Mt Arthur summit bid. But not to worry - there is a Plan B lurking patiently in the wings. Things started improving,…
Nov 2018
mt evans summit group

Mt Evans

Hidden trails Mt Evans – Saturday 17 November 2018 Three carloads parked up on the roadside 5.2km along the Canaan Road, 300m past Canaan Saddle. The start of the track is rather obscure, but is marked with a tin lid nailed to a small tree on the roadside, 20m back up from culvert signpost 34. The…
Nov 2018
mt starveall summit group

Mt Starveall

Satisfying summit Mt Starveall – Sunday 11 November 2018 This trip really started with the paperwork to get the key and entry permit for the forestry roads from Action Forest Management in Richmond. We were required to email evidence of all three cars having WoF, current registration and insurance…
Nov 2018
mt oliver

Wakaretu Bay & Mt Oliver

A new trip with great views Wakaretu Bay & Mt Oliver – 3-4 November 2018 Saturday morning was murky and damp as the remaining two cars turned up at Wakaretu Bay to join those who had arrived late on Friday night, swelling our numbers to nine. Late morning, after everyone was settled in, we walked…
Nov 2018
mt hope balancing rock

Mt Hope

Rock formations at their best Mt Hope – Sunday 28 October 2018 Sunday morning, an early 7:30am start at Richmond Badminton Hall and a promising looking day, after heavy rain on Saturday. After an hour’s drive we parked at the small grassy area next to the Boulder Creek on SH6, 4km south of the…
Oct 2018
lake chalice

Old Man Circuit

Enjoyable but tiring Old Man Hut circuit – Labour Weekend - 20-22 October 2018 Eight of us set off from Richmond in two vehicles at 8am on Saturday morning and drove for just over three hours to reach the Lake Chalice carpark. This did include a stop to enjoy the short walk to Enchanted Lookout.…
Oct 2018
gordons knob descent

Gordons Knob

Further than you think Gordons Knob – Sunday 14 October 2018 This tramp should be done once a year. It’s a classic and with easy access, like Parachute Rocks or Wooded Peak. There were nine participants on a nice day, but one where you put layers on, then take off. The start is from Inwood Lookout…
Oct 2018
dun mountain 1

Dun Mountain

Unique countryside Dun Mountain – Sunday 6 October 2018 A bunch of eight trampers departed from the Maitai Dam carpark on a fine spring day. We set a steady pace along the well-used Dun Mountain Trail up the South Branch Maitai Valley towards Dun Saddle. The track left the pleasant forested banks…
Oct 2018
awapoto hut clematis

Awapoto Crossover

Enjoyable tramping Awapoto Hut crossover – 29-30 September 2018 All nine trampers meet at Joy’s lifestyle block in Tasman. We departed about 8am and our group headed to Pigeon Saddle. A quick warmup walk into Wainui Falls for about 40 minutes started the day perfectly as we ended up just after noon…
Sep 2018
holyoake shelter

Holyoake - Anchorage Circuit

Idyllic beaches Holyoake - Anchorage circuit – Sunday 23 September 2018 A big group of twelve trampers participated on this trip in Abel Tasman. The new enlarged carpark at Marahau was still a work in progress and the new shelter has been somewhat controversial with its ‘bus-stop’ shape. Very quick…
Sep 2018
boulder bank

Boulder Bank

Beauty and bounty Boulder Bank – Saturday 15 September 2018 “The walk to the Boulder Bank Lighthouse is a walk that everyone should do”, the locals told me when I first arrived in Nelson. Before adding knowingly, “but you’ll only do it once.” Never one to turn down a challenge like that, I felt…
Sep 2018
rainbow skifield ascent

Snow Day at Rainbow Ski Field

Bluebird day, crisp snow, excellent instruction Snow day at Rainbow ski field – Saturday 8 September 2018 After intros, briefing and gear check, we were crunching over the snow by 9.20am. Pete re-introduced us to making steps and using ice axes as we traversed to a frozen tarn. On the slopes we…
Sep 2018
speargrass hut

Speargrass Hut

A special setting Speargrass Hut – Sunday 2 September 2018 Mt Robert carpark was the starting point for our tramp to Speargrass Hut and return the same way. Regardless of the wet weather, eleven trampers set off at 9am for the hut. Rooty would best describe the majority of the trail and the…
Sep 2018
bushline hut

Bushline Hut Overnighter

Bushline at its best Bushline Hut weekend trip – 25-26 August 2018 Chris, Jo and Joy set off from Richmond soon after 8am and arrived at the lower Mt Robert carpark just as the day trippers were about to leave. Having loaded up our overnight packs complete with snow shoes, we set off up the Paddy’s…
Aug 2018
lake rotoiti

Bushline Hut Day-Trip

Busy Bushline Bushline Hut day trip – Saturday 25 August 2018 We left Richmond at 8am on a fine and sunny Saturday morning and arrived at the Paddy’s track carpark. We made our way up Paddy’s Track. One of our group was finding it a struggle so two went back to the car park and eventually caught up…
Aug 2018
abel tasman

Appletree Bay

Sunshine on golden sands Apple Tree Bay (and beyond) – Sunday 19 August 2018 What a stunning winter’s day! Ten of us enjoyed a lovely walk from Marahau to Akersten Bay and back, under a cloudless sapphire-blue sky. The trip was actually advertised as Apple Tree Bay and return, but it was…
Aug 2018
lakehead hut

Lakehead Hut

An introductory overnight tramp Lakehead Hut – 11-12 August 2018 Good company, beautiful views, gentle pace and perfect weather sum up this trip. Sharing ideas plus chatting with people we met all contributed to an enriching experience. Some things I (re)-learned... Being over-ruled I’d offered to…
Aug 2018
spooners tunnel

Spooners Tunnel, Shedwood Bush & Sherry River

A trio of trips Spooners Tunnel, Shedwood Bush and Jeff’s Sherry River Bush – Sunday 5 August 2018 Six of us met at the foot of Spooners Range to begin the walk along the old railway line to the tunnel. The two drivers took the vehicles over Spooners and walked towards the tunnel from the southern…
Aug 2018
centre of new zealand 1

Centre of New Zealand

A pleasant stroll Centre of NZ to Bay View Road – Saturday 28 July 2018 Eleven people set out from the Wakapuaka Cemetery gates, climbing up into the cemetery exit via the back gates. Then it was through the gardens across the road and on to the Botanics and up to the Centre of NZ to arrive on the…
Jul 2018
cable bay

Cable Bay Walkway

Splendid coastal views Cable Bay Walkway – Sunday 15 July 2018 It was a cloudy day for four trampers who were keen for an outing, despite a forecast of some afternoon rain. We departed from the carpark at Glenduan and viewed the badly eroded shoreline, a result of the recent summer storms. From the…
Jul 2018

Mangarakau, Golden Bay

Hill, lake and beach walks Mangarakau – 29 June-1 July 2018 On Friday eleven club members travelled at various time to the Friends of Mangarakau Lodge situated at Mangarakau, Whanganui Inlet, with the last people arriving around 8pm. A prearranged pot-luck meal for dinner was enjoyed by all. On…
Jun 2018

Wakaretu Bay, Pelorus Sound

Mid-winter at Wakaretu Wakaretu Bay, Pelorus Sound – 15-17 June 2018 Starting on Friday afternoon we headed to Jeff Lukey’s bach at Wakaretu Bay. This allowed some to explore the tracks in the bay before we settled in to enjoy the night with a good warm fire. Saturday we got away at a respectable…
Jun 2018

Browning Hut / Hacket Hut Circuit

A pleasant day out Browning Hut – Sunday 10 June 2018 We set off from Aniseed Valley in cool conditions, but quickly warmed up negotiating the well-used track up Hacket Creek. At the junction with Browning Creek we had our morning tea, then made our way up the Browning track which crosses Browning…
Jun 2018

D'Urville Island

Sounds and scenery D’Urville Island – 2-4 June 2018 French Pass is about 100 km from Nelson, which will take approximately 2½ hours to drive. A sign facing in the wrong direction sent three of our vehicles towards Cissy Bay rather than French Pass. Fortunately a sense of direction prevailed and the…
Jun 2018
2018 05 26 barnicoat ridge camp

Barnicoat Range Crossover

Camping at lunchtime Barnicoat Range crossover – Saturday 26 May 2018 This trip richly deserves to become a Waimea TC favourite in my opinion, particularly during the short day time of the year where the day starts and finishes crisply while the sun shines exquisitely in between, as it did on this…
May 2018
2018 05 20 dew lakes

Dew Lakes

A worthy plan C Dew Lakes – Sunday 20 May 2018 The scheduled trip to Mount Hope was deferred then altered to Dew Lakes due to continuing poor weather in the western ranges. Nine people were still keen to get out so we left from the Maitai Dam carpark at 8.30am in fine weather. The first section has…
May 2018


A walk with a difference Grampians – Saturday 23 June 2018 On 2018’s shortest Saturday, at 9.30am a keen group of seven Waimea Tramping Club members met at Victory Square. It was fine and sunny while still chilly and cold. Heads covered, hands covered, with everything covered except our faces and…
May 2018
2018 05 04 riordans hut

Riordans Hut, Takaka Valley

A relaxed trip Riordans Hut – 5-6 May 2018 This trip had to be changed, due to the Cobb Valley Road still being closed for repairs, months after the February storm, and that’s why a select group of three lucky people set off up the benched Kill Devil Track from the Takaka Valley on a pleasantly…
May 2018
dun mountain

Dun Saddle & Coppermine Saddle Circuit

Awesome views Dun Saddle and Coppermine Saddle circuit – Sunday 22 April 2018 Our group of nine trampers set off from the Matai Dam carpark round 8.30am in the cool of the morning. We decided to walk to Coppermine Saddle first, then cross to and descend from Dun Saddle. The idea was to avoid having…
Apr 2018
mummified cow

Takaka Hill Walkway & Harwoods Hole

Exploring the karst country Takaka Hill Walkway & Harwoods Hole – Sunday 15 April 2018 Our group of 14 departed the Takaka Hill Walkway carpark at 9.15am to walk the Big Loop. After a few minutes we detoured to an old dilapidated hut to see the resident mummified cow. A group of heavily laden…
Apr 2018
2018 04 07 10 croisilles harbour from okiwi bay hill

Goat Hill & Okiwi Bay Hill

Delightful surprises Goat Hill and Okiwi Bay Hill – Saturday 7 April 2018 Bringing up the rear, Robert and I speculated about the fluorescent green lines painted across the Goat Hill track. Ahead we could hear chatter and peals of laughter from the nine trampers ahead. Julian joking, I speculated.…
Apr 2018
2018 03 30 2 cape campbell lighthouse

Kaikoura Walks

A changed coastline Kaikoura – 30 March-2 April 2018 - Easter Friday: Cape Campbell On Good Friday ten members met at Paru Paru road and travelled in three cars to Marfells Beach. From there we walked in perfect weather along the coast to the lighthouse at Cape Campbell. Due to the Kaikoura…
Mar 2018
2018 03 17 2 the group on north peak

North Peak, Gordon Range

A fun trip North Peak – Saturday 17 March 2018 The aim of this trip was to spend a couple of hours on the glorious tops of the Gordon Range admiring the numerous peaks which I for one only usually see from inside a commercial aircraft while flying into or out of Nelson. Conveniently the clouds…
Mar 2018
2018 03 11 1 wilding pine removal

Hope Range, Kahurangi National Park

The giant’s sandpit Hope Range – 10-11 March 2018 The planned destination was John Reid Hut, but with high river levels and no high four wheel drive vehicles to get us over the Dart Ford, and with a fine weekend ahead of us, we decided to do a different tramp. Which was going up to the Hope Range…
Mar 2018

Beebys Knob

The best plan B Beebys Knob – Saturday 3 March 2018 Plan B swung into action for this tramp with the original intention being the Wainui Hut circuit in the part of Abel Tasman National Park accessed from Canaan Road off the top of Takaka Hill. The hill still had single lane convoys, one early and…
Mar 2018
2018 02 25 marsden valley 1

Marsden Valley Circuit

City, sea and mountain views Marsden Valley circuit – Sunday 25 February 2018 Marsden Valley is one of Stoke's treasures. Leaving the carpark at 9am, we climbed the gentle Involution Trail zig-zagging through manuka then red beech to the Barnicoat Ridge Road. Here we stopped for elevenses and a…
Feb 2018
2018 02 17 wither hills 2

Marlborough Walks

Medium sweet Marlborough Meander – 17-18 February 2018 Medium sweet could be used to describe a popular wine, or may be used to describe the leader, but definitely used to sum up this weekend. Five of us left Nelson around 11am Saturday morning to have lunch in Havelock around 12.20pm. We chose a…
Feb 2018
2018 02 11 maitai caves

Maitai Caves

Walking in the rain Maitai Caves – Sunday 11 February 2018 Six of us left Maitai carpark in light drizzle. For some a chance to avoid housework, for others a chance to try out wet weather gear – but most of all we just felt like a Sunday morning tramp in a beautiful area. Given that the rain was…
Feb 2018
whisering falls

Whispering Falls & Chromite Mine

An interesting day out Whispering Falls and Chromite Mine – Sunday 4 February 2018 The forecast was fine, but there was a steady drizzle when we gathered in Richmond. We took off to the Roding River but we were informed by the caretaker that logging operations were taking place in the area and…
Feb 2018
2018 01 28 mt fell hut

Mt Fell & Richmond Saddle Crossover

An iconic peak Mt Fell Hut & Richmond Saddle Hut crossover – 27-29 January 2018 Ten trampers in two carloads travelled 31km along the Northbank Road to the Te Rou Road turnoff where we transferred to the other vehicle so we could travel home in our own vehicle. The Toyota ute headed 3km up to the…
Jan 2018
2018 01 20 elaine bay 2

Elaine Bay to Penzance Bay

Long and hot but well-appreciated Elaine Bay to Penzance Bay – Saturday 20 January 2018 It was a fine, warm weekend morning full of promise when the group met at Paru Paru Rd at 8am. Some of us were oh so keen to get out tramping again after so many days of hot and very wet weather putting pay to…
Jan 2018
pelorus trig

Pelorus Bridge & Trig K

A trio of tracks Trig K, Pelorus Bridge – Sunday 7 January 2018 A cloudy, wet day meant only six people turned out, however the group still had a very good day exploring all of the tracks in the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve. First off we started on the Circle Track crossing the high suspension…
Jan 2018
2017 12 16 1 group at mole tops

Mole Tops, Nelson Lakes National Park

Entertaining thunderstorms Mole Tops – 16-17 December 2017 Six trampers made an early 7.30am start from Richmond and headed south towards Murchison. About 30 minutes after turning left onto the Mangles Valley Road and then right onto the Tutaki Road we reached the start of the track. This is…
Dec 2017