An excellent start to winterjenkins hill

Jenkins Hill – Saturday 3 June 2017

There we were without a care in the world, or so it felt at the top of Jenkins Hill on a gloriously fine winter’s day looking out over the sparkling waters of Tasman Bay. We felt especially privileged as originally this trip had been planned for a week earlier, then postponed until the Saturday of Queen’s Birthday weekend, the previous Saturday having been grey and rainy.

We set out at 9.15am from the carpark at the top of Marsden Valley Road and climbed the Scout Track which was ‘interesting’ steep with steps up between the trees and the regenerating bush, as opposed to ‘bland’ steep, which in my opinion is either zigzags or straight up, as in “there’s the path and off you go”. We came out on the Involution Trail and followed it for what seemed only a short distance to the junction with the Barnicoat Track heading right toward Richmond. Instead we took the left path over a few up and down bumps until reaching the top of the Brook Sanctuary fence and Jenkins Hill.

After relaxing there for a bit, Mary led us down a firebreak until she spied the trapping line she’d been looking out for on the left, which took us back to the Involution Trail. We made our way down that to the bottom and much to our surprise found it cycle-free. We then found a sunny open patch of grass close to where we’d left the cars and ate lunch together there. The walk itself had taken four hours and was an excellent start to an energetic holiday weekend, at least for those of us who walked over Pepin Island on the ‘Open Day’ there the next day.

Those who came on the trip were Mary (leader on the day), Julian, David M, David S, Lesley J, Marion (visitor) and Alison (administrative leader and scribe).