Cloudy viewsbeebys knob hut

Beebys Knob – Sunday 25 June 2017

We started at 7:30 from Richmond and drove to the carpark before Tophouse, with some drizzle on the way. At 8:40 in overcast weather we started up the track with eleven people, Maria at the front and myself at the back. We had ideal conditions to climb to the ridge, which was achieved at 11:20 with a morning tea stop about two-thirds of the way up. Out into the clouds we emerged and we decided to head straight to the hut as there would be no view at the summit. The temperature dropped as we walked on and it was nice to get to the hut for lunch at about 12:30. Just after 1pm we set out and it was obvious that warmer clothing was needed, as the wind had got up which cleared the view which we got from the top. With photos done, someone decided to look for a Geocache and found one at the trig. It was last signed in 2015 but because it was wet we couldn’t sign it. The descent was pleasant, with afternoon tea just after 3pm. We sat in the bush with a hint of sunlight coming through the trees and there was no need to rush off because we were not getting cold. We emerged back at the cars at 4:20 with eleven people - always a good outcome. A very good group with no one wanting to push ahead and no one being left behind. Thanks to all who came: Maria, Rob, Julian, Jo, Colin, David, Vanessa, Donell, Marion, Grant and Ian.                                                                                                                                                              Rob