A trio of trackspelorus trig

Trig K, Pelorus Bridge – Sunday 7 January 2018

A cloudy, wet day meant only six people turned out, however the group still had a very good day exploring all of the tracks in the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve. First off we started on the Circle Track crossing the high suspension bridge and followed the river track. There are great views of the river from high up on the bank. At the far end of the Circle Track we followed Daltons Track for about 30 minutes which took us over farmland through a turnip paddock with good views down the river valley. It’s great that private landowners have allowed public access for this important Te Araroa link track. From here we returned and completed the Circle Track, arriving back at the carpark for some morning tea.

We then tackled the Trig K circuit, making the summit at 11.45am where we had our lunch. It is now no longer possible to see much of the view because of the rising vegetation. There is a case for clearing a bit of this in future to expose the excellent views, but that may not happen. Logging operations on the back side of Trig K had cleared plantation forest with some unnecessary disruption to the track. We proceeded down to the two waterfalls and back to the carpark arriving there at 3.30pm. No one was keen for a swim as the river was discoloured and the weather was cloudy and miserable so we indulged in refreshments at the café instead, then headed home.

The participants were Julian, Ian, Alison, Val, Chris and Jo.