The best plan Bbeebys

Beebys Knob – Saturday 3 March 2018

Plan B swung into action for this tramp with the original intention being the Wainui Hut circuit in the part of Abel Tasman National Park accessed from Canaan Road off the top of Takaka Hill. The hill still had single lane convoys, one early and one late as a result of the damage from Cyclone Gita. The best plan B I reckoned was to go tramping well away from Takaka Hill. Beebys Knob in Mount Richmond Forest Park reached from the Korere-Tophouse Road fitted the bill perfectly.

We left from the Beebys Knob carpark at 9.15am. It was misty and quite slippery as we made our way consistently uphill on the rough track through the bush to come out on the 4WD track heading towards Beebys Hut. We were going to go that far, then thought better of it, considering we knew that the hut was uninteresting in itself. Instead we sidled further uphill to the knob and had a welcome meal there at 1pm. As we walked along the road again the mist began to lift. How often does that happen? Very often I’m sure. At 2pm we headed back into the bush and as we walked down, once again the track was slippery. We were reluctant to hold onto trees as the honey dew was sweet and the wasps were out. What really took our fancy were the many coloured varieties of fungi that we saw. From my memory there were black, brown, purple, blue, red, cream, white, yellow and orange. There were many oohs and aahs as we stopped to admire them as well as many photos taken. I reckon Donell now has an all the colours of the rainbow plus more-collection of fungi photos. Eat your heart out, Christopher or get up Beebys Knob track promptly to see for yourself.

Once back at the cars at almost 5pm, the sun was shining and had warmed the already ripe blackberries for us to eat, as our reward for being so careful when it had been very slippery underfoot.

Those who came were Alison (leader and scribe), Mary, David S, Anna, Donell and visitor Anne.