A relaxed trip2018 05 04 riordans hut

Riordans Hut – 5-6 May 2018

This trip had to be changed, due to the Cobb Valley Road still being closed for repairs, months after the February storm, and that’s why a select group of three lucky people set off up the benched Kill Devil Track from the Takaka Valley on a pleasantly overcast but dry day. We had good views to the Takaka and Waingaro valleys from our lunch spot on the rolling ridge, then on to Riordans Hut. The hut was historic and full of character, homely and warm too with a cheerful fire. The forecast rain set in after dark, but by 3am the moon was out and we were serenaded by a kiwi close by. Next day we returned the same way, reaching the car in time for a late lunch. It was a very peaceful, relaxed trip, with no wind, no daytime rain, and no other people either, not even any mountain bikers! The lucky participants were David S, Mary and Colin.

David S.