An introductory overnight tramplakehead hut

Lakehead Hut – 11-12 August 2018

Good company, beautiful views, gentle pace and perfect weather sum up this trip. Sharing ideas plus chatting with people we met all contributed to an enriching experience.

Some things I (re)-learned...

Being over-ruled

I’d offered to carry a DOC axe to the hut. The axe was too heavy and the question of ‘fitness for purpose’ of both me and the axe arose. The 4 -1 decision not to take it was sweetened for me when we later learned that we’d been given the wrong axe!

Botanists see everything

Chris spotted a possible hybrid Raukaua (Simplex/Anomalus).

Pack weights

It’s possible to include a tent and sleeping mat and still not go over 12kg.

Girl Guide skills are for life

Jeni, ably assisted by Jo and Ken, sawed ample beech branches, coaxed a fire into life and gave us a much-appreciated warm hut for a frosty night.

Dicey skills

An easily-carried game involving luck and the right balance of risk-taking and conservatism. Jo was a clear winner. Probably not learned at Girl Guides.

The Night Sky

Overwhelmingly majestic. Worth getting up for even if you don’t need a toilet visit.


Walking time approx. three hours for 9.8km. Tea, lunch, photography and chat stops easily extend this to 4.5 hours. Undulating track with little mud and three or four minor stream crossings.


Chris, Jeni, Jo, Ken, Colin (leader/scribe)