Sunshine on golden sandsabel tasman

Apple Tree Bay (and beyond) – Sunday 19 August 2018

What a stunning winter’s day! Ten of us enjoyed a lovely walk from Marahau to Akersten Bay and back, under a cloudless sapphire-blue sky.

The trip was actually advertised as Apple Tree Bay and return, but it was unanimously agreed that this was a tad on the short side, and we would forge on further.

Low tide on the outwards leg saw us take a beach walk diversion from Porters to Coquille Bay, and by noon we were basking in the sunshine on the golden sands of Akersten Bay.

After a leisurely lunch we headed back - quicker on the return as there were less photo stops and we’d already checked out the many picture-perfect beaches and lookouts on the way in.

The Great-Walkers were: Diane (leader), Pete, Donell, Odette, Jo, Lesley, Marie, Julian, Vanessa and Peter (visitor).