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Mt Evans – Saturday 17 November 2018

Three carloads parked up on the roadside 5.2km along the Canaan Road, 300m past Canaan Saddle. The start of the track is rather obscure, but is marked with a tin lid nailed to a small tree on the roadside, 20m back up from culvert signpost 34. The track is unmaintained but mostly well marked with orange tin lids. The first section of the track descends for 15 minutes and is often mossy ground with small tree roots. After crossing two small creeks, the going is very pleasant, passing a signposted side track to Trig K, then gradually climbing to a high point with three table-sized rock outcrops. Then it was a steady descent, emerging from the bush onto grassland overlooking Canaan Downs.

We then ascended beside a fence line for about 15 minutes and turned back into the bush, marked by two orange triangle markers on the fence. We descended a short distance then turned sharp left and sidled across to a broad saddle, then climbed about 100m to the main ridgeline. It was undulating terrain for about 45 minutes before arriving at the 20m high rock summit outcrops of Mt Evans, poking up out of the bush. This had taken us three hours altogether. It was a cloudy day, so it was disappointing that there was no view at all.

We enjoyed our lunch beside the rocks, sheltering from the wind, then returned the same way. The track is mostly well worn and has only light or moderate regrowth in places but does need some experience to follow.

A good day out amongst pleasant bush on one of Nelson’s hidden trails.

The group was Robert, Robyn, Grant, Joy, Geoff and newcomers Grant, David and Elisabeth.