Good tramping weatherkings creek hut

Kings Creek Hut – Sunday 2 December 2018

From Rolling River in light misty drizzle at 9:15am we started out on a soggy track which the long grass had recently been cut, which made the journey so much easier. Good time was made to the morning tea break, just past the gate at 10:30, when the weather cleared. We then continued to the large slip where the group split with two returning to the cars and the rest continuing onto Kings Creek Hut and lunch about 1pm. Here, three of the group went onto look at Cecil Kings Hut. The return trip started at 1:30, finishing in warm muggy sunshine at 4:30, back at the Rolling River carpark.

Although the day had some drizzle and light rain, it was good for tramping. Many blue duck were sighted on the river and weka were often seen on the track. Birdsong was enjoyed, indicating that the trapping program was working. Four goats were spotted and would have easily been shot. The rivers were rising and by the time we returned to the Dart River, the water level had gone up about 100 mm but not enough to cause concern driving through. Tapawera 4 Square has good real fruit ice creams and a big size too, and several of us enjoyed these. To end, our rather dirty cars were washed down thanks to Grant H taking us to a good car wash.

The group included Maria, Di, Marian, Ken, Lesley J, Julie, Robyn, Kath, Grant D, Grant H, Alison and Rob.