A very pleasant pre-Christmas trampmarsden valley

Easby Park - Marsden Valley crossover – Saturday 15 December 2018

Although on the day unable to come

Alison’s clear planning helped ever-y-one.

She’d dotted the i-s and crossed the t-s

A short local crossover trip it must be

Leaving most of the afternoon free.

From Easby Park five climbed a steady incline

To rest at the Forest Lookout with view sublime

To chat with the ranger keen to share the news

Three runners 14 circuits were attempting to run

The height of Mt Everest from here in the sun.

From Marsden Valley four trampers chugged up

Enjoying estuarine views and a brew in a cup

From a paraglider pilot they heard the news

GPS transponders had altered the game

Higher and longer flights now in the frame.

Nine trampers now traversed Barnicoat Range

Undulating forest road – or flat for a change

They thought and they talked in the hot sun

To meet in the middle, enjoy a chat and a laugh

Swap car keys, continue on – and then home for a bath!

Times: About 1 hour 15 minutes up or down and 2 hours along the top. About 5 hours overall.               Colin