2019 06 29 group by jacks track signA most agreeable tramp 

Mid-Winter Mystery Tour – Saturday 29 June 2019

David W and I arrived at the Botanics by 9am on a cold, frosty and fine winter morning. Our walking companions had their packs on and were ready to start. Where did they presume they were going? It hadn’t occurred to any of them that maybe the Botanics would be the finish of the trip rather than the start. Trusting ladies that they are, they allowed David and I to bundle them into our cars and drive them away. The ‘away’ was to Market Road, Bishopdale and the start of the Kahikatea Track. It was frosty there too. However we were warmly clad and set off up the hill anyway. After 20 minutes we turned right towards Brook Street. It's only a short distance around the heel of the Grampians and then we came out into glorious sunshine. Off we went galloping down the hill while lapping up the sun’s warming rays. We knew to stop for morning tea before getting all the way to the Brook Valley where it was still chilly. From Market Road to Brook Street took 1½ hours.


At Brook Street we went up the Codger’s Track until we saw a small mountain biking sign pointing left uphill to Jack’s Track. Away we went, this time being happy trampers on Jack’s Track. Nearly a mishap… three teenage mountain bikers came hurtling around a corner appearing to want to show off their prowess at getting down the hill as fast as possible. They were so intent, none was prepared to tell us how many more bikers to expect. Good on our front of the party person for being so awake as to get out of the way and promptly telling us to do the same. We arrived at the top of Atmore Terrace 1½ hours from the start of Codger’s Track including a short diversion along a wrong track i.e. the mystery part of the tour.


From Atmore Terrace we walked downhill past the cars parked at the Botanics and on to Milton Street Sprig and Fern where we sat at an outside table in the sun enjoying mulled wine, cider, burgers and chips. It was voted a most agreeable half day tramp.

Those who came were Alison (leader & scribe), David W, Brenda, Gael, Odette, Sue and visitor Cristina.