A busy track 2019 07 14 centre of nz

Centre of New Zealand circuit – Sunday 21 July 2019

It was a cloudy day with the threat of rain and those that do not tramp in the wet pulled out. However it was good weather, though underfoot it was quite wet and slippery. We gathered at Paru Paru Road and made our way across the footbridge then via the pathway past the skateboard park and the Grove Railway Station, then past the rusty steel sculpture and then through the Wakapuaka Cemetery. There were some good views from the high point. From there we exited Brooklands Road onto Atawhai Drive. Superb views of the Arthur Range under snow were photographed before we walked onto Bay View Road. We proceeded to the road reserve where we stopped for morning tea. From there we went to the end of the road and on to the ridge top track.

A lot of land clearing has gone on recently. We followed the ridge top track where the pasture was quite wet and feral pigs had had a great time ploughing up the ground. There were great views out over the city. We had our lunch at the Sir Stanley Whitehead Memorial sign then made our way to the Centre of NZ. This always seems to be a busy spot. From there we took a track down to Branford Park near Dennes Swimming Hole. From there we crossed the bridge and made our way down the Maitai Walkway all the way back to the car park.

A short but very pleasant day. Participants: Julian (scribe), Pat, Marian, Sue J, Grant, Val, Colin, Rob, Maria, Robyn, Brenda and newcomer Doug.