Mid-winter sunshine2020 20 06 holyoakes

Holyoake Clearing Shelter – Saturday 20 June 2020

After a wet week it was indeed pleasing to get a sunny, calm day for the trip. Twenty people assembled at Marahau and prepared for the ascent to Holyoake Clearing. We were on our way by 9ish. We strung across the causeway and entered the National Park in good style, mindful of the fact that the track would be slippery where there was clay exposed. Instep crampons worked well for some.

Morning tea was delayed until we reached a lookout point just off the track. Unfortunately the bees loved this area and one person got stung and moved away back onto the track quickly. All was well and onward we went to reach Holyoake Clearing just after midday. After a leisurely lunch and lots of chat we descended back to Marahau. The return trip was 16.9km which as completed in a leisurely 7.25 hours. Actual walking time was around 5.5 hours.

As some members had accommodation at Marahau they extended an invite for trampers to join in on a pot-luck dinner. Ten members took up this offer and had a lovely meal and social time together.

While the 20 of us went to Holyoake Clearing, one other member walked along the coastal track to Apple Tree Bay and back. So 21 people participated in the day’s events.

They were: Rob, Maria (scribe), Roger H, Jo, Chris, Alison, David M, Robyn, Donell, Di, Ian W, Julian, Christine H, Anna, Sue J, Marie, Eric, Esther, Bernard and guests Stephen and Miang.