A great day outcable bay 2020 06 14

Cable Bay Walkway – Sunday 14 June 2020

After a confused start that worked out well for all in the end, we arrived at Glenduan soon after 9am and after a brief upper body warm-up, we were off up Airlie Street then up the Waihi Creek track to link with the main Cable Bay Walkway track and on up the airstrip to have morning tea at the picnic spot at the top of the airstrip. It was a clear day so ships at anchor in the bay looked like toys.

From there the track drops through plantation forest then into bush, crossing five small creeks before exiting onto farmland with an undulating rise to Sentinel Hill. The clear sky meant there was a beautiful low tide view over Rotokura/Cable Bay, towards the peaks of Pepin Island and over the lagoon mudflats with Delaware Bay in the distance. The fit ones in the group raced down the hill track to Cable Bay and returned while the not so active took in the view and started on their lunch.

We were entertained by a drone buzzing overhead. A very keen operator was giving his drone a try out in the still conditions and must have got some great screen shots over the edge of the hill, down on Ataata Point rocks far below.

After our lunch we retraced our route, arriving back at the airstrip picnic spot in time for some afternoon tea. Then we descended, most down the walkway track, with a small party via the creek track. A great day to be out tramping again.

Participants: Julian, David W, Robyn, Lesley, Rob, Di, Anna, Donell, Sue, Marian, Chris, Jo, Marie, and newcomers Tom, Elizabeth, David L, Zoe and Jemma.