A most enjoyable daycity heights 2020 07 18

City Heights Circuit – Saturday 18 July 2020

The group members were convinced that meeting at the Botanics sports field at 9am would mean starting at the Botanics sports field at 9am……  No, no, no, half the drivers were expected to take their passenger filled cars down the road to Founders Park where the trip actually started. From Founders we had a leisurely start ambling through the Wakapuaka Cemetery – 14 trampers in and 14 trampers out. Whew!

We carried on with the upward theme, joining the Sir Stanley Whitehead track and tramping along the ridge to beside the Centre of NZ. After that we it was down dale to Branford Park and along the road to our next climb up Cleveland and Atmore Terraces to Jack’s Track. At the top of Jack’s Track, we found a magnificent lunch spot looking out over the harbour and out to the western ranges.

After lunch we walked down multi-use tracks to Brook St and along the footpaths to get back to the Botanics. Another quick ride to our finishing point at Founders Park, having been away five hours in total. We agreed it’d been a most enjoyable day. Our visitors were impressed enough with the trip and with the company to all insist they’d like to come out with us again. Yay!

Those who came were Alison (leader and scribe), David W, Anna, Ian, Julian, Marian, Robyn and Val along with visitors John, Anthea, Karen, Lynette, Miang and Paula.