Great rock formations2020 11 21 mt hope

Mt Hope – Saturday 21 November 2020

It was unsettled weather as we gathered in Richmond at 7:30 to make an early start. We arrived at Boulder Creek and managed to park all vehicles even though space is a bit limited and a bit rough.


There are no official markings to show that this track exists though there was an obvious opening through the gorse and blackberry, making it obvious that at least a few people knew where it was. Over a steep little embankment and track signs began to appear. Mostly it was the dated white venetian blind type, though as we got going we noticed orange spray can marks which were quite useful.


From the road the track rises quite steeply and it was overgrown in places at first. It was quite a challenge to find the next marker but of course it was up and up .Quite steep at first with the sound of Boulder Creek well below, but once the sound of the creek disappeared the going got easier and we had the chance to enjoy the beautiful forest and bird life. The track then got easier to follow.


At about midday we came out on the open tops of Mt Hope. In the past the track at the top has been hard to follow but there are more makings now with tape and neat orange spray marks at quite large spacing.


It was quite windy at the top, with rain threatening so we found shelter and ate a hurried lunch before we got too cold. Not the right conditions to linger and visit the great rock formations that are a great feature of this area. In the wind and light rain we set out on our way back down. About halfway down the highway noise starts, but it’s a long way before the sound of the creek.


We got back to our cars just after 4pm. A great day out.


Participants were Julian (scribe), Maria, Karen, Ann L, Mary W, Julie, Marie, Robyn, Esther, Bernard, Liz, Anthea and visitor Lynette.