An extra tiki tour  – 14 May 201620190323 133629 small

After a week of somewhat variable weather, Saturday dawned beautifully clear and stayed that way.  Expecting a fairly long day, we left the Maitai carpark at 8am heading towards the Coppermine Saddle. Chris pointed out the miniature mistletoe, which is not readily noticed. The mineral belt gentian was still flowering well. We had our first break about 9.30 at the “official” sunny morning tea spot.

Mineral belt geology occupied our thoughts as we approached the saddle in the expected three hours.  There, our snack time was limited by the cool breeze. Down the Dun railway we saw more interesting plants till we came to the track to the Fringed Hill. Up there, we found a partly sunny spot for lunch about 12.45.

Not much further on WAS the expected turn off to Sunrise Ridge, but with a fallen log and track clearing didn’t look right! Here the leader goofed and led the group on a fitness exercise till well up the Fringed, when I got out the map and with a very pink face declared a retreat. Once back on the track amongst the prunings, we plugged along Sunrise Ridge with no further problems. I suspect that the mountain bikers realign their tracks at times, leaving the old markers in place, which can be distracting. We met quite a few intrepid bikers apparently undaunted by roots and rocks. One group were about to head down Peaking which is very steep and crazy (in my eyes).

No problem finding Bob Taylor Road and we were out at the cars by 4.40, having been delayed by our extra tiki tour.

Those trusting (?) characters accompanying me were: Alison, Colin, Don, Chris, Marie and Lesley.