Mid-Winter Mystery turned Misty Tour2021 06 26 mystery

Saturday May 26, 2021 – Starting and finishing at Botanics sports field

Here I am, letting out the details of the 2021 mid-winter mystery tour - Sue J knew beforehand and didn’t tell. If you have a secret, you feel you must share and want it kept mum, try telling Sue!

First up the party members thought we must be going on an historic places tour as we passed the beautiful St Mary’s Catholic church in Manuka St and then clambered up behind Fairfield House to find an entrance onto the Grampians’ Tawa track. We walked the length of the Tawa track with the sky becoming misty so there were only minimal views of Nelson hospital to the west. Rather than continuing past the end of Tawa track to meet up with the Kahikatea track, we hung left sharply to walk up a wooded track to the stile near the Grampians look out point.

I offered the party members the opportunity to either walk up to the Grampian summit to see nothing because of the mist and return to where I was or go to the lookout for another opportunity to see nothing and then return to me anyway. No one took up the generous offer so instead we walked down the ridge track to the top of Collingwood St, once again with no views along the way.

Down Collingwood St we trod with tongues going clickety clank and boots going stompedy stomp. Where is she taking us? A sharp right into Nile St reduced the possibilities, allowed me to storm ahead to be the point person on duty ushering them into the Prince Albert tavern. We’d walked 9.6 km in 3.25 hours with only a short morning tea stop so the party members had built up an appetite for the food coming and darn good grub it was too. The Prince Albert staff know how to provide generous light meals for trampers and as well allowed us the use of their function room to use as our dressing room. There was plenty of space in their big warm dining room for us to relax at the wooden tables, choose from an ample lunch menu and be waited upon.

The 2021 MWMT passed the participants test with both mist and mystery.

Those who came were Alison (leader and scribe), Sue J co-leading, Anne, David M, Donell, Gael, Julian, Maria and Val along with visitors Jamila and Pauline.