An Abel Tasman weekend2021 07 24 castle rock

Castle Rock Hut – 24-25 July 2021

The weather report was not bad but there was little hope of sunshine. The trip in on Saturday started about 9:30am with our first stop for morning tea on Wainui Saddle then onto Moa Park, a little early for lunch so we went to the lookout over Moa Park and enjoyed lunch with a view. Then we bypassed Porter Rock as there was no takers to do the side trip as cloud obstructed any view.

Castle Rock Hut was reached at 2pm. It was 3 months and 10 days since our last visit when we worked on repainting the hut interior. From past hut book records, I was hopeful that we would have the hut to ourselves and with some dry firewood as I had stacked the woodshed on the April trip. We did have the hut to ourselves but there was not much firewood as there had been people staying in the hut for the majority of the nights since our previous trip.

After a cuppa three of the group went up to Castle Rocks and got a view of Marahau. Firewood was collected and the gutter was cleaned out. Next was to settle in for the night and celebrate Eric and Maria’s birthdays for which Esther had baked a cake and Rob had brought in carrot cake muffins which were iced. In the early hours of the morning the rain started.

The trip out was wet but it was only light patchy rain. After morning tea inside Moa Park Shelter, we retraced our steps to get back to the cars at 12:30, 3 hours and 30 minutes after leaving the hut. This was a faster exit than entrance so it was decided to have lunch at the Woolshed Café who provided welcome refreshments.

The group included, Eric, Esther, Maria, Donald, Jamila and Rob (scribe).