An easy walk on an easy day2021 11 20 rameka track

Rameka Track – Saturday 20 November 2021

This trip was a replacement for the previous weekend when the Rameka was offered on one hand and poor weather prevailed on the other. More than half the party changed days and all were glad they did.

It was surprising how few had been along the Rameka track before, considering it’s easy and access is from Canaan Downs where we’re often starting trips and finishing trips. It’d been five years since I’d been along there, so definitely worth another visit.

The use of the track has recently been offered to bikers. It’s rather narrow and bouldery enough that we didn’t feel in danger of high-speed collisions as can be the case on some shared pathways.

The observant among us found shells close to the track from the carnivorous native Powelliphanta snails which when alive heartily tuck into native earthworms. North-west Nelson is one of their few habitats.

For the statistically minded, we left Richmond at 8am, then Canaan carpark at 9.45. We stopped for lunch at 12.15pm by which time we’d arrived at the memorial seat for a young local mountaineer tragically lost at Mt Aspiring in 2014. We enjoyed the view north towards Takaka, chewed our lunches, paid our respects and left to return via the same route at 1pm. It only took two hours to get back to the cars with us walking through dappled sunlight on a pleasant bush track. We found we’d walked 14.5km in 5 hours.

The Rameka is one of the few day tramps the club does where we walk downwards before lunch and upwards afterwards. The gradient was gentle enough that no one complained of indigestion or maybe they were having so much fun they didn’t notice.

All in all it was a short walk on a beautiful day enjoyed Alison (leader and scribe), Anne, Helen, Julian, Justine, Kerry, Paula and Pauline.