Captain Creek Hut – Mt Richmond Forest Park2022 01 22 captains creek

Saturday 22 January 2022

A warm sunny day dawned as we headed off to the Pelorus after leaving Nelson at 7.30am.

Around 9am we began walking along the track towards Emerald Pool and Captain Creek Hut. By morning tea we were at the Emerald Pool, sitting at the picnic table enjoying some food. From here the track headed upward over a ridge and then sidled downward.

After another hour the group split with three people hurrying on to Captain Creek Hut while the rest of us ambled along, stopping at midday for lunch under the shade of large tree ferns. A lovely cool spot near a wee creek. The main group turned around after lunch and headed back to the Emerald Pool, tiptoeing over the hot river stones to plop into the pool for a cooling swim.

Meanwhile, the other three arrived at Captain Creek, had lunch and a swim and then hurried back. They stopped at the Emerald Pool for another swim and then continued on back to the cars.

After the swim and a bite to eat the main group ambled on to the cars. We sat in the shade and chatted as we waited the 15 or so minutes for the others.

Our next stop was at the Brick Oven where we enjoyed ice-creams before driving home.

Those on this trip were; Maria (scribe), Rob, Jeannie, Julian, Di, Maureen, Roger, and visitors Hella, and Dean.