Julius Summit – Nelson Lakes National Park

Sunday 10 April 20222022 04 10 Julius Summit

On a glorious autumn Sunday, an intrepid group of 15 headed out early towards Nelson Lakes and a Julius Summit ascent.

We walked at a good pace up the Pinchgut Track through the forest, stopping to enjoy the spectacular views of the lake, then morning tea at the Relax Shelter.

Continuing after the break we headed up the track, ignoring the well-meaning warnings from the handsome gentleman on the sign about ice and tricky paths. We meandered along Robert Ridge in stunning sunshine.

Julie accompanied by Ian, stayed at the top of the final descent, while the rest of us went to just below the summit of Mt Julius for lunch by 12.30. Some scrambled up to the top, others of us sheltered behind a rock, as a slight breeze had picked up, and ate our lunches in the sunshine.

The vistas on the tops were magnificent. We could not have had a better day for this trip and the weather gods certainly were smiling at us.

A quicker descent saw us back at the cars by 3.30, with no missing people and surrounded by birdsong so loud, talking was almost impossible, we packed up and headed homeward.

Participants:  Jenny, Ian, Julie, Robert, Lorna, Lynda, Donald, Dale, Rob, Maria, David W, Paula G (scribe), Torsten, Brian and Joy