Kina Peninsula, Tasman

Sunday 7 August 2022

13 people on this walk met at 7.45 at Richmond Badminton Hall carpark. Once carpooling logistics were sorted we travelled to Deck Road for an 8.30 start. After a stormy Saturday night, Sunday turned out to be a stunning sunny winter’s day, ideal for a beach walk.

We followed the beach north until we rounded the end of the peninsula which brought us into the Moutere Inlet area on the peninsula’s west side. We had good views of Jackett Island and the Arthur Range.

From here we headed back south through Baigent Reserve, along the dirt road and onto the beach again. Lunch was at Kina Reserve camping area.

The last leg of our walk took us along Cliff Road, through Tasman Golf Course and then we wove our way through a newish housing subdivision back to our cars for a 1pm finish.

In total about 14 kilometres in distance and 4.5 hours in duration.

Some things of interest on our way; a seal playing in the surf, shells of all shapes and sizes, Kiwi beach houses, opulent homes and stunning bay and mountain views.

Those on the walk: Sue, Terri, Andrew L, Marian, Jenny, Esther & Eric (scribe). Jo & Rosie-Anne (Nelson TC). Anna, Cherie, Ricky & Jenifer (visitors).