Fringed Hill / Third House Circuit - Nelson2022 08 13 Fringed Hill

Saturday 13 August 2022 

A group of 12 keen trampers set of from OK Corral just after 9am, walking up the old Dun Mountain railway route to Third House, stopping along the way for a very pleasant morning tea break sitting in warm sunshine.

After 1st lunch at Third House, it was a short walk to the Wooded Peak junction where we branched off the Dun track and onto the more demanding Black Diamond Ridge track to the top of Fringed Hill. Here was the perfect and timely stop for 2nd lunch while taking in the panoramic views of Nelson, Rabbit Island (complete with dead sperm whale which had washed up earlier in the week), Tasman Bay and beyond.

Stunning winter weather and pleasant company with the trip taking 6 hours 45 minutes to complete.

Thanks to Alison, who was unable to make it on the day, for taking the phone calls and doing the pre-trip organising.

Those on tramp were Marian (leader & scribe), Esther, Eric, Donell, Jenny, Liz, Karen N, Martina and Jeanne, and visitors Jan, Maryanne and Ruth.