Motueka Sandspit2022 10 22 Mot Sandspit

Saturday 22 October 2022

With twelve people including two newcomers, we arrived at the saltwater baths about 9am and started on a fine day with the tide full and going out.

We walked onto the spit about 9:30 to find a good flock of godwits with many juvenile birds, waiting for the tide to go out to start feeding. We spent about 15 minutes enjoying taking photographs, then after morning tea, eleven of us headed up the seaward side of the spit while Maria explored the dunes for birds.

The main group found they were hemmed in by a channel and had a small water crossing to do. Some got wet boots, some took off their boots and some got piggy-backed across. After that we continued to the end, then came back to find Maria just before lunch.

After lunch the sea breeze had got up so we walked briskly back, picking up some rubbish and Rob found a half-round post to take home.

One car load went home and the rest of us went to Toad Hall for a nice social end to the day.

The group included Lesley G, Pauline, Val, Lynley, Ian S, Jo, Karen N, Lorna, Silena, Adrian, Maria and Rob (scribe).