Gordons Pyramid Circuit – Kahurangi National Park2022 10 30 Gordons Pyramid

Sunday 30 October 2022

A threesome set off from Flora carpark, passed over Flora Saddle and quickly arrived at the classic Flora Hut after 30 minutes. We continued along the nice wide Flora Track winding high above Flora Stream.

After 1 hour and 45 minutes we reached the turnoff to Clouston’s Mine and Gordons Pyramid. We ascended the very well-benched and graded track constructed in 1911 by the then Takaka County Council to provide access for the gold mine. The track curved around the head of Gridiron Creek, crossing several tiny creeks then a few final zigzags up to the mine.

We didn’t enter the mine as it is unsafe and there was water across the entrance. The adit was originally driven for over a hundred metres into the hillside in a fruitless search for gold.

From here we emerged out of the bush and climbed steadily for 40 minutes to the peak of Gordons Pyramid at 1489m, after four hours from the start. After a fine start to the day it had clouded over and a strong cool wind was blowing.

We found a sheltered spot for our lunch then descended Pyramid Ridge towards Horseshoe Basin. After dropping about 100m we climbed again and encountered a very steep rugged rocky section requiring us to scramble up on all fours.

We continued climbing steadily and snaked through the karst landscape past a few potholes and up to join the Mt Arthur Track. Then it was steadily down the ridgeline, back into the bush and past Mt Arthur Hut returning to Flora carpark.

It was a fairly long 8½ hour day but we were well satisfied to complete a very worthwhile circuit. A couple of kid goats appeared onto the grass beside the toilet at the carpark as we were about to leave and we didn’t meet anyone else at all on the track, apart from a few people at the carpark.

The group was Robert ( Leader and Scribe), Edward and Jamila.