Sunday 8 January 20232023 01 08 Lake Rotoiti

Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes National Park

Our group of six left Kerr Bay at 0845hrs for the ultimate destination of Coldwater Hut. Rainy weather in the days beforehand had changed our plans from crossing the Travers River between Lakehead and Coldwater Hut and thus completing an almost loop, to instead heading further up the valley to the swingbridge and finishing at Coldwater Hut.

Today however the weather was warm and dry, but windy, with the lake flecked by white waves. The river was low and eminently crossable as it turned out, but who doesn’t love a water taxi ride at the end of the day.

We took two and a half hours to Lakehead hut, and then walked an hour further up the valley to where we lunched. After lunch we were met with excellent vistas of the higher basins across and further up the Travers Valley.

We met two young guys at the swingbridge who had left Mt Robert car park earlier in the day, jogged to Angelus Hut, climbed Mt Angelus, descended Sunset Saddle (serious stuff) and then down Hopeless Valley to the swingbridge (at 1330hrs)!! Put everything into perspective really.

An hour and a half from the swingbridge had us at Coldwater hut where the easterly was still blowing, the sandflies were rampant and Jim Beam was 'on tap' for those staying overnight.

Prizes for the day went to Anna for driest feet, Donald for most action across a swingbridge, and Ian for 'I'm sure I booked the boat for today but perhaps it was next Sunday' as we all gazed expectantly down the lake for a glimpse of the late arrival of our water taxi and ride home to Kerr Bay.

Our group was: Ian (Leader), Diane, Sue, Anna, Ruth and Donald.