Some rain and wind â€“ Sunday 24 July 2016cable bay walkway

The day presented a challenge to go or not to go. The forecast was for clearing weather but showers and wind. However we all decided that it was best to go, as we would suffer cabin fever if we stayed home. When we arrived at The Glen, the high tide, a huge swell and strong northerly winds had thrown boulders and driftwood all over the road, so we had some difficulty finding a safe park. We admired the surfboard riders having a great time in the huge and rather violent waves, then we set off. We struggled with wind and rain all day but managed to make the heights above Cable Bay by midday. However our lunch there was short lived as high winds and stinging driving rain forced us to head for the cover of the bush.

We admired the enthusiastic grazing of the heavily pregnant ewes who were oblivious of the conditions. It was a lot better in the cover of the bush and those who could hear were astounded with the loud bangs coming from the distant beaches far below as huge waves smashed rock against rock as the high tide peaked. We faced more driving winds and stinging rain once we made the airstrip so there was no lingering on the way down, though we did stop briefly at the end of the bush track to admire the skills of a very experienced trials motorcycle rider honing his skills on some very greasy farm banks. We made it back to the cars about 3pm, cold and wet but in great spirits. Some of us learnt that cotton clothing was not the best to wear in these conditions.

The participants were Julian, David W, Val, Donell, Colin and Jenni, Leslie J, Linda and Vanessa.