The Brook Sanctuary, Nelson20230304 The Brook

Saturday 4 March 2023

Five club members, led by newbie leader Terri, enjoyed a lovely Saturday morning tramp in the Brook Sanctuary, starting off with a visit in the newly re-furbished Visitors Centre.   

We walked counter-clockwise and took the Valley Track (passing the excellent natural sculpture ‘Pouakai’) up to Carters Track. Morning tea was enjoyed at the large picnic table.

Then it was down the Koru track and lunch back to the Visitors Centre.  We had 13 small stream crossings, a wayward weta, and a birdsong-filled tramp, with nary a drop of the forecasted drizzle. 

It is always great to visit this growing natural centre.  At the beginning of the loop a smaller internal enclosure has been recently finished and is awaiting a pair of breeding Kakas.

Our team consisted of Terri, Alison, Helen, Edward and Diane.