Champion and United Mines Circuit – Mt Richmond Forest Park20230311 Champion Mine

Saturday 11 March 2023

A small group of six trampers set out on Saturday morning to do the Champion and United Mines circuit. When we arrived at the carpark, we were all very impressed to see the new bridge that had been recently completed. We were especially happy that there would be two less river crossings on the circuit, but given that the water levels were very low this was not going to be a problem.

We set out from the carpark following the four-wheel drive road around to the old smelter site. We were able to have a look around at the old relics, then from here we followed the old tramway further up the river until the river crossing. We made our way up to the United Mine site where we had morning tea. We were expecting to see more mining remains but there were none to be seen; we only knew it to be the old mine site because it was marked.

After morning tea we headed further up the track, coming to a couple of shingle screes that were old mine tailings. We scrambled up and had a look around then headed to the top for lunch.

After lunch we headed down through the beech forest to the old Champion Mine site. Again, we had a look around, saw the old mine shaft there, then headed back towards the cars. On our way back we stopped and had a look around the dam site, before completing the circuit in 6.5 hours. It was a good trip and enjoyed by all.

The group was Marian, Tessa, Dean, Robyn, Kirsty and Liz (leader and scribe).