Wooded Peak – Bryant Range20230325 Wooded Peak

Sunday 25 March 2023

Three intrepid souls had a big day out climbing Wooded Peak. It was a chilly start at the Brook Sanctuary and then it was up, up and away!  Due to the storm damage from August 2022, it was not possible to follow the Dun Mountain Trail from Four Corners to Third House, so we followed the detour which went along the Sanctuary fence.

We stopped for morning tea at Third House and chatted to an even more intrepid mountain biker who was on his way home from a ride from Stoke to Windy Point!  We were then back on the Dun Mountain Trail for about 20 minutes to Junction Saddle where we turned off for the climb of Wooded Peak.

The bush was just lovely in the sunshine, just a light (but cool) breeze to stop us from overheating.  It starts steadily enough but soon we were clambering over roots and rocks.  There are a couple of good views before the top, but as the name suggests, the top at 1111m is “Wooded”! 

We had lunch at the top by the metal pole, and great views of the surrounding area when coming down the other side when out of the bush. We saw a karearea on a rock above Windy Point, but it flew off before we got close.

Once back on the Dun Mountain Trail it was easy going for the return trip including a quick afternoon tea to catch the last of the sun’s rays at Third House. We then retraced our steps back to the cars for a total of about 22km, 1050m climb, taking 8.75 hours.

Those on the tramp were: Marian (leader & scribe), Arif and Ed.