Hacket Hut - Mt Richmond Forest Park20230429 Hacket Hut

50th Anniversary Walk

Saturday 29 April 2023

I must open by thanking all those who helped to make this a memorable trip. Thanks to: Tony for help with the track and hut preparation a few days beforehand. Tony, Robert, Andrew and David, the advanced guard, who went in early to prepare the hut. Maria and Sue for the scones, jam, cream and hot drinks. All the committee members on the trip who helped to coordinate, especially Di and her birds for doing the photography and helping with the car coordination. We had three visitors and six past members on the trip.

The weather was fine and warm and most of us reached the hut before 10:30. The few who came a bit late made the hut before the end of morning tea but missed out on the scones. All enjoyed talking with old and new friends and could have carried on all day, but by 11:30, after the necessary photos, the call to move on saw us all head back out.

Twelve went out along the main track and the rest returned via the Chrome Track. Fortuitously they split into two groups. The front party had lunch at the picnic table while the other party had lunch at the mine. Neither spot could have accommodated all of us.

We were all out before 3pm which gave plenty of time to prepare for the evening ahead.

The group of 43 were: Lesley G, Donell, Robyn, Don S, Wendy, Tony, Sue J, David W, Robert, Andrew, Julie M, Anne, Ian W, Martina, Ken, Jeff, Julian, Liz, Marian, Donald Y, Sharen, Mary H, Miang, Pauline, Jenny R, Joy, Di, Lynley, Keith, Roger C, Karen, Maria, Rob (scribe), Val L, Jill S, Paula, Chris E, Jo, Chris H, Catherine and visitors Kari, Petra and Richard.