Sunday 21 May 202320230521 Coldwater Hut

Whisky Falls & Coldwater Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

At a cool and early 7.30 meet up on Sunday morning, 14 intrepid folks, with some new faces, headed up to St Arnaud.

The trip had been delayed a day due to a rainy forecast, but this rain made those Whisky Falls pump! We walked the Lakeside Track on the right side of the lake and stopped for morning tea and many photos at afore said spot.

Then onward, with the odd spot of drizzle, to Coldwater hut for lunch where Di practised her French on four French backpackers. We enjoyed the warmth of the fire they left there, along with one of their phones.

On the way back the drizzle set in more earnestly but the banter also increased and much laughter could be heard along the way.

Overall a great trip with 14 jolly trampers.

Thanks Jamila for organising this day out!

We were: Jamila (leader), Paula (scribe), Di, Robyn, Dean, Ross, Torsten, Lynley, Jenny, Ian and visitors Karthiga, Jiji, Raewyn and Janine.