Great Taste Trail, Richmond to Wakefield20230514 Great Taste Trail

Sunday 14 May 2023

There were five of us who started from Richmond Badminton Hall carpark on a lovely autumn morning.

It was along the trail to Rabbit Island first, with a few bicycle riders about, then we made a diversion after 30 minutes as the group wanted to go along the stopbank. We found a table near an underpass for a morning tea stop then shortly afterwards the stopbank itself. This is a lovely open section, passing Waimea Nurseries estate to come out near Brightwater.

Then from Tomlinson Picnic Area the gang crossed Waimea West Bridge and turned onto Lord Rutherford Park walkway, past the allotment gardens and rode across the lush sprig-churned rugby field.

The rest was street cycling and reserves, including Wanderers Avenue, Mary Newton Place then the Katania Heights underpass until we got to Wakefield.

The highlight of the ride was the Wakefield Bakery, and at around 1pm it was not that busy - we even managed a table just outside. Pies, sausage rolls, cakes and coffee was had by all, and top-notch food it was too. One of our group even brought their own plate, cutlery and sauce.

After having our fill it was back to Richmond, past the historic St Johns Church, through rolling farmland and native bush and before we knew it, along beside Berryfields and back to the cars around 3.15pm.

A decent ride for the day and we will look forward to another one in November.

Those out today were David, Julian, Arif, Sue and Donald.