Sclanders Creek, Maitai Valley 20230618 Sclanders Creek

Sunday 18 June 2023

Ah, Sclanders Creek again! It had been four years since the club last had a trip up that way. 

Eight of us decided to venture out into the drizzle, which soon eased off, for us to have a pleasant seven and a half hours in the forest of the south branch of the Maitai. 

Leaving the cars at the Maitai Dam, we went up the track towards the Maitai Caves, and from there on an old abandoned track a bit further up Sclanders Creek, before heading off-track through the thick crown fern up onto the spur that runs up to point 753. That was a good spot for our lunch.  

In the afternoon we followed the well-worn mountain bike tracks along the Black Diamond, Sunrise and Peaking ridges, getting back down to the cars by 4pm. 

A good workout for an overcast winter's day. 

Participants were Rob, Maria, Sue J, Jenny R, Marian, Jo G, Penny, and David S (scribe).