A worthwhile day trip – Saturday 3 September 201620171105 105456 phone


The Dew Lakes were stunningly gorgeous and a surprise to the eye as the landscape had been consistently dry for quite some time before we arrived.

Fourteen of us walked from the Maitai Dam (the track signpost points left and uphill shortly past the dam itself) towards the Rush Pond and Dew Lakes. I thought the Rush Pond which we came to after an hour could have been more accurately named Rush Bog. However Julian delighted to tell us how the bog would have used to have been a pool – over time it had filled up with plants by the process of eutrophication – nutrients running off the land and settling in the water as sediment. Shortly afterwards we stopped at the site of an old argillite quarry for morning tea. I understand that argillite was used to make adzes in the days that adzes were considered an essential in one’s tool kit.

After three hours we arrived at the lakes. We padded about around the mossy shorelines and went a bit further where we had a magnificent view right through the ranges to Pelorus Sound. It was windy at the view point so we returned to a sheltered dry, rocky spot before the lakes, where we had a leisurely lunch stop. The return trip was at least a half hour shorter, being downhill all the way. People enjoyed each other’s company, the sun and the views – a thoroughly worthwhile day trip for a fine spring day. It would be too hot in mid-summer and unpleasantly slippery on a wet day.

Those who came on the trip were Mary co-leader par excellence, Lesley, Pippa, Sharon, Donell, Jocelyn, Vanessa, Jenni, Dan, Julian, David M, David S, Linda (visitor) and Alison leader and scribe.