A pleasing circuit– Saturday 5 November 2016wainui hut

Eight trampers set off from the Canaan carpark to Wainui Saddle via a track through the farm that DOC recently has purchased and added to the Abel Tasman National Park. This meant our tramp was a loop from start to finish.

We enjoyed a chorus of birdsong as we ascended Wainui Saddle –thanks to our local community of trappers. The group stopped for morning tea at the viewpoint on the saddle just before the turn off to Evans Ridge. As the cloud had lifted we looked out toward Waingaro Valley and beyond that the peaks of the Kahurangi National Park. The tramp down Evans Track to Wainui Hut wanders through mature bush. The large rata, New Zealand cedars and generally magnificent bush were admired by all. A quick snack break at the junction of the tracks revived lagging blood sugar levels so we could push on to lunch in the sun at Wainui Hut. As we dropped down to the river, a vibrant weka joined the back of the group, swam across as we crossed and joined us for lunch. 

The gentle uphill back to Wainui Saddle and tramp back to the cars was uneventful. The eight happy trampers were Annette, David S, David W, Geoff (visitor), Jacqui, Jocelyn, Lesley G, and Mary (scribe and co-leader). We missed the company of Alison, tramp organiser and leader who clocked in sick on the morning.