Sunday 11 December 201620180819 114332

After a very wet spring and beginning of summer it was great to be greeted with fine weather. We motored off to Marahau and began the well-trodden track to Apple Tree Bay. There is very good scenery looking out over the bay which looked pristine with a high tide and very little wind. The track although in great condition was a little wet in places soft and soggy. We had our morning tea at Tinline then continued to Apple Tree Bay arriving there about 11.30am. We decided it was too early to stop so we continued on to Stillwell Bay. It was difficult to make it over very rocky track that leads to the beach but it was well worth it. It’s a beautiful bay with very fine sand. We had lunch and a couple of brave ones went for a swim. Cold, initially but invigorating. We were plagued with bossy well trained seagulls who demanded a share of our lunch and helped themselves when you weren’t looking.

After lunch we made our way back the way we had come keeping ourselves amused by trying to guess the nationality of the flood of oncoming trampers that occupy this track at this time of the year. They come from everywhere these days: Estonia, Spain, France, Germany, and Argentina to name a few. We arrived back at Marahau about 3.30pm and enjoyed an ice cream at Toad Hall.

The participants were Ian (leader), Julian, Lilly, Annette, Donell, Pat, Val, Graham, Pauline, and Marie.